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Fentanyl: A Murderer in Disguise

By Portage | 08-16-2018

The opioid crisis that has been ravaging North America for many years now is compounded by the arrival of a new drug on the black market; Fentanyl. This extremely potent opioid analgesic is found in many other types of drugs (heroin, cocaine, crack, amphetamines, crystal meth) and is resulting in an increase in the number… Read more »


My Overdose: A First Step Towards Recovery

By Portage | 08-14-2018

It was March 11, 2018, a week after my ex-boyfriend was incarcerated, I was scared of not having enough drugs to get a high and seeing as he protected me, I felt alone and in danger. I felt the withdrawal symptoms setting in and didn’t have any drugs. I reached out to someone that I… Read more »

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How to Recognize and React to an Overdose

By Portage | 08-10-2018

Opioid use causes serious problems as a result of their extreme toxicity on the body. Opioids have an effect on the part of the brain that controls breathing, which is why opioid use can result in respiratory distress leading to death. Here are a couple of tips on how to recognize and react to an… Read more »

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Overdose Crisis in Canada

By Portage | 08-07-2018

Canada is currently experiencing an alarming opioid crisis, which is on the rise. It has been noticed that there has been a substantial increase of overdose-related deaths in many provinces over the past year. In Canada, this crisis has had devastating effects on family and friends.   Context and Key Figures As per a report… Read more »

Being Sober Makes Me Unique!

By Portage | 08-01-2018

To drink or not to drink, is a question that often trots about our heads considering the latter is less encouraged when being out. Society so glorifies alcohol that opting to not drink during a party could be perceived by others as having a problem. Nevertheless, having a good time while being sober has its… Read more »

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The International Day of Friendship is Celebrated on July 30th.

By Portage | 07-30-2018

The International Day of Friendship is a UNESCO initiative, which was revived by the United Nations General Assembly in 1997. Established on July 30th, it defines the culture of peace as a collection of values, attitudes and behaviours, which reflect and favor convenience and sharing.   The objectives of this day The United Nations would… Read more »

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