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Edible Cannabis : “Second Wave” of Cannabis Legalization to Take Effect in the Fall

By Portage | 06-14-2019

Edible cannabis products (such as candies and cookies) will be authorized for sale starting in October. This “second wave” of cannabis legalization raises concerns surrounding the appeal and dangers of edible cannabis products.    Cases of cannabis intoxication in children On May 17, 2019, the Montreal Children’s Hospital sounded the alarm concerning edible cannabis products…. Read more »

E-Cigarettes: marketing and addiction?

By Portage | 05-24-2019

In an interview with the TVA Nouvelles news channel on Wednesday, April 3, 2019, fourteen-year old Elizabeth explained how she became addicted to nicotine through vaping, at one point consuming the equivalent of 100 cigarettes per day. E-cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular, especially among youth. The fault lies with some very clever marketing. An alternative… Read more »


Tailoring services to transgender youth: the fight against exclusion and substance use

By Portage | 05-14-2019

The Portage drug rehabilitation centre in Cassidy Lake, New-Brunswick has been adapting its services to the needs of transgender youth since 2016. Discrimination and social exclusion often lead transgender youth to isolate themselves from others and develop drug and/or alcohol use problems. With this is mind, Portage has implemented structural changes aimed at providing a… Read more »

The Opioid Epidemic: Addiction with a Prescription

By Portage | 03-21-2019

I Always Wanted to be Part of a Catalyst for Change

By Portage | 03-15-2019

We interviewed Kathie Rodger, Director of the Portage Atlantic Centre for adolescents, to learn about her professional career and her role in our organization. Q: Hi Kathie, can you tell us how you started your career? Sure! I didn’t really know what I wanted to do when I was younger. After fantasizing about becoming a… Read more »

Alcohol and Drug Use in Women

By Portage | 03-08-2019

Have women fallen into the insidious trap of alcohol and drug use? Recent studies on the prevalence of alcohol and drug use among women worldwide tend to show an increase in their consumption of both. Social pressure, post-traumatic stress – the reasons for the increase seem to be on the rise as women are caught… Read more »

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