As a graduate of Portage Atlantic, I can confidently say that it changed my life. When I arrived at the center, I was young, lost and struggling with addiction. I didn't know how to handle my emotions, and I constantly felt alone and misunderstood. However, my time at Portage Atlantic gave me the tools I needed to turn my life around.


One of the most important things I learned at Portage Atlantic was how to deal with my emotions. I had always struggled to express myself, but through the center's therapy programs, I learned healthy ways to communicate my feelings. I also learned how to identify my triggers and develop coping mechanisms to deal with them. This has been incredibly helpful in my post-treatment life, as I'm now better equipped to handle stressful situations and manage my emotions in a healthy way.


Another significant lesson I learned was how to accept myself. Prior to Portage Atlantic, I had low self-esteem and often felt unworthy of love and respect. However, the center's supportive environment and therapy sessions helped me to recognize my strengths and value as a person. I learned to treat myself with kindness and compassion, which has had a profound impact on my mental health and overall well-being.


I also learned how to deal with others. I was surrounded by people who were going through similar struggles as me. This gave me the opportunity to connect and learn how to communicate effectively in a supportive community. I learned how to listen actively and express myself honestly, which has been invaluable in my personal and professional relationships.


Finally, Portage Atlantic taught me how to love myself. Through the center's approach to therapy, I was able to develop a sense of self-love and self-care that has stayed with me even after leaving the program. I learned how to prioritize my own needs and make choices that align with my values and goals.


Overall, Portage saved my life. Without the guidance and support I received at the center, I don't know where I would be today. That's why I feel so grateful to have the opportunity to give back as the first graduate of the program to be on the Member of the Portage Atlantic Regional Board. Being able to support others who are going through similar struggles is incredibly rewarding, and it brings me so much joy to know that I'm making a positive impact on someone else's life.


In conclusion, I highly recommend Portage to anyone living with substance use disorder or mental health issues. The center's comprehensive approach to therapy, supportive environment, and focus on personal growth and development make it a truly transformative experience. If you're looking for a place to heal, grow, and thrive, Portage is the perfect choice.


Fred Laforge, Youth Program, Cassidy Lake, 2001

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  1. Beurnald Doiron

    Je suis très heureux d’avoir eu le privilège de voir l’immense progrès de Fred. Que ce soit au niveau personnel, social ou professionnel, Fred à réalisé un remarquable cheminement. C’est plaisant de voir que ce dernier veut redonner avec fierté ce qu’il a reçu. Bravo Fred pour le courage et la détermination de bien vouloir prendre ta vie en main! Tu es une source d’inspiration pour nos jeunes qui souffrent! J’ai beaucoup d’estime pour la personne que tu es. Merci pour ta contribution au programme Portage Atlantic!


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