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Portage’s rehabilitation programs help our clients to identify the causes of their problems, develop the skills that will help them face their issues, and carry out the necessary strategies to overcome them.

What’s rehab all about?

It’s not just about stopping drug abuse. It’s about gaining the confidence, self-esteem, and the tools to be able to handle the challenges of everyday life without needing drugs.

It’s about understanding the core reason why a person is abusing drugs, and working through those issues. It’s about developing a healthy lifestyle – eating well, sleeping well, enjoying social and recreational activities.

It’s about developing the skills to be able to do well in school or at work, and to make some sort of plan for the future.

Drug Rehabilitation Centres

Employment Reintegration Centres


Movement for Integration and Retention in Employment (MIRE)

Quebec City

Employment Reintegration Centre

How does the program work?

Upon admission, new residents are welcomed by those currently in treatment, who help them understand how the program works. Under the supervision of a team of clinical staff members, residents support and encourage each other through the program, helping each other to acquire the necessary competencies and knowledge to move through the phases and eventually become role models to new residents. Therapeutic Community Approach