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Drug Addiction and Employment Reintegration Programs in Quebec

Portage Quebec

Since its first centre was opened in 1973, Portage has helped tens of thousands of people to take back control of their lives with its specialised drug addiction rehabilitation programs in Quebec.

In the therapeutic community environment, residents work through the underlying issues that caused their substance abuse and develop a set of social competencies that will help them deal with the challenges of everyday life without resorting to drug abuse. They develop the self-esteem and confidence to go on to lead healthy, productive, drug-free lives.


Adolescent Program

Anglophone youth 14-18 years

Mentally Ill Chemical Abusers Program

For men with mental illness

Adolescent Program

Francophone youth 14-18 years – Western Quebec

Mother & Child Program

For pregnant women and mothers with young children

Adolescent and Young Adult Program

Francophone youth 14-21 years – Eastern Quebec

Adult Program

Day program for adults

Adult Program

Residential program for adults


“We’ve all suffered in our past; we were lost and didn’t have the slightest clue how to even be happy. It’s as though the events in our lives were given to us as puzzle pieces to reach our goals. But none of the pieces ever fit together no matter how hard we tried. Our puzzle pieces may not have fit before but being here we have found that every one of us has a piece of that puzzle in him. And we’ve completed the first step to reaching our happiness.” –Luna 

"My life really changed with respect to my relationship with my son.  I feel more valued, I feel a lot closer to him.  I have more confidence in myself, in my role as a mother, and I feel less guilty." - Maude

"The most important transformation that I underwent at Portage was to increase my self-confidence and to learn how to manage my emotions. Before I went to Portage, I managed my emotions with drugs. Now, I can deal with everyday situations much better that I used to - I can face these situations. I'm working to become an engineer." - Miguel

“Once you make the decision that drugs are no longer the solution for managing the ups and downs of everyday life – yes the ups as well as the downs, because happiness is sometimes just as hard to manage as sadness – you have to re-evaluate your social surroundings and cut the negative ties that you had, at one point, thought were your security. We have learned to choose honesty over manipulation, truth over lies, and self-respect over running away.” - Jean-François

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Portage Quebec Foundation

Portage’s drug addiction rehabilitation programs in Quebec are financed in part by the Portage Foundation, which raises funds through individual and corporate donations as well as fundraising activities.

Portage’s Board of Trustees

Generously offering their time, the members of Portage's Board of Trustees oversee the proper functioning of the organisation. Many of them sit on various committees that support clinical and administrative programs.

  • Peter A. Howlett, President
  • Georgia Tournas, Treasurer
  • Tricia L. Kuhl, Secretary
  • Nicole Bureau-Tobin
  • Paul Côté
  • Nancy Cleman
  • Michel Décary
  • Rose-Mélanie Drivod
  • Sara Erskine
  • Jane Howlett
  • Russell King
  • Gurit Lotan
  • John Macdonell
  • Dorothy Reitman
  • Patrick Tobin
  • Matthew Linton
  • Ann Vroom