Take back control of your life

It takes time, patience, and hard work, but you can do it - you can overcome your drug addiction problems.
Only you can do it, but you can’t do it alone.

At Portage, you will be surrounded by a community of people with the same goal as you, and you will help each other make it through.

“Portage: Finding a pathway around an
obstacle in order to continue the journey”

Portage - how you can help


It takes a community to help someone overcome drug addiction and communities are strengthened as a result. Help us spread the word, donate your time, expertise, and resources, become involved in helping our clients seek freedom from addiction.


bien-être physique

MindCare New Brunswick Funding Hope and Understanding for Portage Atlantic Youth


Portage Atlantic staff and youth are pleased of the grant award from MindCare New Brunswick in support of the physical wellness program at their residential rehabilitation treatment centre at Cassidy Lake. The use of the weight and cardio equipment is part of the everyday programming for the Portage Atlantic youth. Having the equipment assembled, inspected,… Read more »

Fun Game of Ball Hockey at the Lewis Fitness Centre


Local RCMP members organized and took part in a fun ball hockey game vs. the male residents at the Portage Atlantic Lewis Fitness Centre at Cassidy Lake on Sunday, April 15, 2018. Portage Atlantic is grateful to the RCMP members for their involvement in the activity and as positive role models for the adolescents. The… Read more »

Pathways to education

Pathways to Education Visited Portage Atlantic


Visit from Pathways to Education, Saint John, NB, to the Portage Atlantic Centre at Cassidy Lake – May 2, 2018   Portage Atlantic greeted Harry Daley, Youth Advisor, and Austin Beddow, a student taking part in the Pathways to Education programming, who attended the male residents’ morning meeting followed by a tour of the facility…. Read more »


Seven Tips for Cultivating Happiness


Happiness can be defined as a sustained state of well-being, a sense of fulfilment and contentment that lasts over time. For many of us, feeling truly and completely happy is a daily challenge, one that can seem nearly out of reach in the darker moments of our life. But whatever hardships may come our way,… Read more »

Effetcs alcohol liver

The Liver, the One Affected by Your Drinking


The liver is an amazing organ, it alone fulfills more than 300 essential vital functions. It is the vitamin reservoir at our body’s disposal. The liver is a bona fide filter, recuperating and eliminating numerous toxins. It’s even capable of regenerating itself. However, after abusive and recurring alcohol consumption for example, the liver may be… Read more »

The Short and Long-term Effects of Alcohol Consumption


Excessive alcohol consumption is a public health issue because it creates multiple social and health problems. In a 2012 report, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that alcohol was the third most important factor in mortality and morbidity in developed countries after smoking and high blood pressure.   Alcohol-Linked Issues Alcohol is a psychoactive substance… Read more »