Take back control of your life

It takes time, patience, and hard work, but you can do it - you can overcome your drug addiction problems.
Only you can do it, but you can’t do it alone.

At Portage, you will be surrounded by a community of people with the same goal as you, and you will help each other make it through.

“Portage: Finding a pathway around an
obstacle in order to continue the journey”

Portage - how you can help


It takes a community to help someone overcome drug addiction and communities are strengthened as a result. Help us spread the word, donate your time, expertise, and resources, become involved in helping our clients seek freedom from addiction.


Dennis Furlong

Some words on Dr. Dennis Furlong (1945-2018)


Dr. Dennis Furlong was a man of great achievements all cloaked in profound humility. He was a ‘’straight up’’, ordinary man of extraordinary intellect and devotion to the common good. There are many material temptations for a doctor of Dennis’ aptitude; he succumbed to none. His spirit to achieve was pervasive; as an athlete, a… Read more »


Portage Atlantic Cassidy Lake Centre celebrates Metamorphosis Day


On February 14, 2018, Portage Atlantic youth and staff gathered in the onsite theatre. Kathie Rodger, the director, expressed that the Metamorphosis Day celebration relates to the transformation that residents undergo while in therapy. She is proud of each youth who made the decision to come to Portage Atlantic to overcome their dependencies. Her message… Read more »

Pay it forward


For the third year in a row, graduates of the Portage drug-abuse rehabilitation program got together over the Holidays to Pay it forward. On December 2, 2017, the former Portage residents held a spaghetti supper fundraiser to buy Christmas presents for youth who are currently in treatment at Portage and help adult residents give presents… Read more »


youth services

Access to Youth Services : Portage Innovates


Responding quickly to youth and parents who require assistance is a major challenge for all partners in the youth drug-rehabilitation sector. Last year, the managers of Portage’s drug addiction rehabilitation program for youth at Lac Écho initiated discussions with counsellors, partners, youth and parents to develop a project aimed at improving access to youth services…. Read more »

jeune en difficultés

The Gentleman Angler of Elora


A Story of Redemption, Transformation and Service   A Troubled Youth Elora is blessed with many gifts. Some are natural like the Grand River, the Gorge and the Quarry; others are less grandiose but equally unforgettable. This is the story of Michel, a troubled youth from Sherbrooke (Quebec), on a path to self-destruction with drugs… Read more »

drug-addicted mother

The Second Chance of a Drug-Addicted Mother


A drug-addicted mother, like any other mom, wishes for the happiness of her children. However, she faces greater challenges than other mothers, in part because she must attend to her particular needs, as well as those of her child. Portage’s Mother & Child program allows her to do both, because it does not separate her… Read more »