On June 21, Portage Lac Echo hosted a heartfelt graduation ceremony for 6 residents from Portage's anglophone and francophone adolescent programs. These graduating classes are part of Sir Wilfrid Laurier and Rivière-du-Nord school boards, respectively. The ceremony took place on the beautiful grounds of Portage's Lac Echo property, serving as a joyous celebration of the graduates and students for their remarkable achievements throughout the school year.

The Graduation Ceremony holds a special significance for many, symbolizing the culmination of their hard work and serving as a glimpse into their future. This pivotal moment in the lives of our youth represents yet another stride towards adulthood and a promising future.

The graduates, adorned in the timeless graduation gown and iconic square cap, were bestowed with honours for successfully completing their high school education. The ceremony featured two valedictorians who delivered poignant speeches, following the presentation of diplomas and graduation gifts. Among the attendees were fellow residents from both the anglophone and francophone youth programs, along with dedicated staff and proud parents of the graduates.

The teachers will also be highlighting the perseverance of students who have excelled in various subjects but who have not yet finished high school. Their hard work, curiosity and willingness to push their limits have been an inspiration to us all. This is an opportunity to pay tribute to them by recognizing their achievements and encouraging them to continue their journey towards a sober and positive life.

Special thanks are extended to the dedicated teachers and staff of Portage who have worked tirelessly with the adolescents. We would also like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the students, their parents, and families for their invaluable contribution and unwavering support throughout the journey. Their presence and encouragement were instrumental in making this graduation ceremony a resounding success. Congratulations to each and every one of you on this remarkable achievement!

Portage takes immense pride in the academic accomplishments of its residents. Year after year, our adolescent programs empower hundreds of young individuals to overcome their addictions and transform their lives. These graduates serve as an endless source of inspiration, motivating and encouraging many other residents on their own journeys of recovery and personal growth. Their achievements stand as a testament to the resilience, determination, and potential that exists within each individual who walks through the doors of Portage.

On-site schooling is an integral part in all of our youth programs throughout Canada. To learn more about our educational approach, visit Portage Academy. At Portage, we hold a strong belief in the transformative power of education and are dedicated to equipping our young residents with the necessary academic skills and resources to build a promising future. We strive to create an enriching learning environment that fosters personal growth, intellectual development, and the acquisition of essential life skills.

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