Family Support Group

When a loved one has a drug addiction problem, the whole family suffers.

And when loved ones are recovering from a drug addiction problem, they need a solid support network in their family members and significant others.

Family Services are an essential element in the drug addiction rehabilitation process at Portage. Provided through group and individual meetings, they support and empower family members and significant others by:

  • Providing insight into what their loved one goes through while in treatment;

  • Equipping them to be a better support to their loved one in recovery;

  • Addressing their concerns and helping them to work through their own feelings of fear, anxiety, anger, hopelessness;

  • Preparing them and their loved one for the return home;

  • Helping them realise that they’re not alone.

« It was really hard for me to come to terms with the fact that my little girl had done all these things without me knowing. I was shaken for two weeks. Then I started going to the parents meetings for the adolescent program. I told myself that if my daughter was working to better herself then I should too, because no one is perfect. What a wonderful forum for discussion! Rain or shine, tired or not, I would go to the meetings every Tuesday evening. I would always leave feelings stronger and with new tools, ready to take on the week. The kids build strong bonds between themselves in treatment, but so do the parents at these meetings."

- Suzanne, mother of a Portage graduate