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To My Son, Mathis

By Portage | 12-16-2020

Mathis is a turbulent, but very endearing child. He is an explorer, a cheerful boy, a ray of sunshine with boundless energy. He never wants to sleep and never says he’s tired. For many years, he would wake up several times a night; truth be told, he would do so up until he started taking… Read more »

Jamie’s Testimonial, Graduate of the Adult Center at Lac Écho

By Portage | 10-28-2020

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Substance Abuse and Mental Illness: A Dual Diagnosis

By Portage | 06-05-2020

May 2020: Mental Health Awareness Month In honor of mental health awareness month which has now come to a close, Portage is shedding some light on a common form of diagnosis that is often unrecognized by the general public: dual diagnosis. What is it? What are the warning signs? When and how should co-occurring disorders… Read more »

Why alcohol isn’t the answer for coping with COVID-19

By Portage | 04-01-2020

As quarantine continues to establish itself as the new normal, the majority of us are experiencing unfamiliar concepts. Boredom, free time, and unfamiliar anxiety, to name a few. With all of the humorous coronavirus content online, it’s normal to feel the effects of alcohol romanticism. Maybe you’re dealing with parenting, navigating working from home, or… Read more »

How to take care of your mental health during COVID19

By Portage | 03-25-2020

Quarantine is mentally and emotionally challenging, that’s for sure. Given the current state of the world, staying home is the new normal. For some, it can bring up feelings of anxiety, anger, frustration, depression, and even symptoms of PTSD. Here are 8 tips to help your mental health during these uncertain times. 1. Only Trust… Read more »

7 Signs That You May Have a Drug or Alcohol Problem

By Portage | 03-17-2020

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