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Effects and Harms of Cannabis: Misconceptions among Youth

By Portage | 04-16-2018

Cannabis is the most commonly used illicit drug among Canadians aged 15 to 24, and is more commonly used by youth in Canada than in any other country, according to a study done by UNICEF (2013)[1]. Even more alarming is the fact that many Canadian youth are not properly educated about the effects and harms… Read more »

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From Pot Smoker to Lamplighter

By Portage | 04-16-2018

It all began very innocently… I was fourteen when I smoked my first joint. I lived in an outlying region and it was our way of having fun among friends on the weekend. During the week, I studied hard, I got good grades, I was into sports and I had a good social life. I… Read more »

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Access to Youth Services : Portage Innovates

By Portage | 03-20-2018

Responding quickly to youth and parents who require assistance is a major challenge for all partners in the youth drug-rehabilitation sector. Last year, the managers of Portage’s drug addiction rehabilitation program for youth at Lac Écho initiated discussions with counsellors, partners, youth and parents to develop a project aimed at improving access to youth services…. Read more »

drug-addicted mother

The Second Chance of a Drug-Addicted Mother

By Portage | 03-08-2018

A drug-addicted mother, like any other mom, wishes for the happiness of her children. However, she faces greater challenges than other mothers, in part because she must attend to her particular needs, as well as those of her child. Portage’s Mother & Child program allows her to do both, because it does not separate her… Read more »

knowing how to let go

Knowing How to Let Go

By Portage | 03-07-2018

I am not a Victim Only I am responsible for my actions and my decisions. I could forever blame my difficulties on my parents, the people around me, my mental health issues, my alcoholism, my lack of education, my lack of discipline or even on my broken childhood. But I’d get nothing good out of… Read more »


Cannabis is an Insidious Herb

By Portage | 03-02-2018

Innocent Beginnings I started using cannabis around the age of 12, to deal with all the anger and the feelings of injustice I felt about what was happening in my home country, Morocco. Smoking weed helped me make new friends and look cool. I started off by smoking once a week with older friends, and… Read more »

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