Employment Reintegration Centre
in Quebec City

Helping people reintegrate the workforce since 1983


Portage’s Employment Reintegration Centre is a French-speaking Emploi-Quebec-funded employment reintegration program located in Quebec City for people who have had problems with drug addiction, alcohol, or gambling.

Every weekday from 9 am to 3 pm clients join the centre’s supportive group environment to benefit from personal development workshops and job search assistance.


  • Develop the tools and confidence for social and professional reintegration into the labor market or back to school

  • Become more autonomous in different aspects of life (professional, community, relationships)

  • Develop the necessary skills and abilities to be able to obtain and maintain meaningful employment

How does the program work?

Within the therapeutic environment, clients develop the tools and confidence to prepare to reintegrate the workforce or go back to school. With group support and the help of staff members , they acquire professional competencies while further developing the personal and social competencies they have learned in rehabilitation treatment in order to maintain a positive lifestyle. Staff members also help them with the job search process and offer follow-up support to assist with job retention.


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MIRE - Mouvement pour l'intégration et la rétention en emploi

Self-awareness activities

Portage’s Employment Reintegration Centre - Quebec City

Academic and professional orientation

Centre de formation à l'emploi - Portage Québec - Intérieur

Dynamic job search methods

Centre de formation à l'emploi - Portage Québec - Intérieur

Job search support

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