Crys’s Testimonial, Québec City Day Centre, 2019


Can you describe the beginning of the program? How was your experience? I didn’t know what to expect. I had no idea what I signed up for! It was my first therapy: I didn’t even know what a therapeutic community was. At first, I felt like I didn’t belong and was reluctant to it. I… Read more »

Antoine’s Testimonial, Youth Program, Saint-Malachie, 2022


Dear God, please give me the serenity to accept all the harm I have endured, the courage to continue fighting and the wisdom to help all those who are hurting.  My name is Antoine. I am 21 years old, I am an addict and an alcoholic, and I have been recovering one day at a… Read more »

Dany’s Testimonial, Quebec City Day Centre, 2019


A Promise to Myself In order to please my dad, I took over his construction business; but I never felt recognized in my role. For 35 years, I lost myself in a world of illusion. All I wanted was to numb myself to reality; but substance use takes a heavy toll. My body was rebelling… Read more »

Fred Laforge, Youth Program, Cassidy Lake, 2001


As a graduate of Portage Atlantic, I can confidently say that it changed my life. When I arrived at the center, I was young, lost and struggling with addiction. I didn’t know how to handle my emotions, and I constantly felt alone and misunderstood. However, my time at Portage Atlantic gave me the tools I… Read more »

Patrick’s Testimonial, Adult Program, Lac Écho


By the time I was 14, life was already difficult. I was very impressionable and I had behaviour and impulse issues, as well as family and academic difficulties. Drug and alcohol use had become an integral part of my life. I liked the idea of escaping reality. It gave me a feeling of self-confidence that… Read more »

Gaëlle’s Testimonial, Québec Day Centre, 2022


As a child, I had everything I needed to succeed. I was sensitive and gifted. I played piano, I danced, I was bursting with talent. But my pleasant life shifted dramatically during my primary school and early secondary school years, when bullying and rejection became my daily lot. Wanting at all costs to be accepted… Read more »

Testimonial from Léo, the pirate lost at sea


Trois jeunes adolescents, de dos, font une marche en pleine nature.

“I’m taking the time I need. It’s March 1, 2022 and I am worn out as I walk to the door and away from my home. Behind me is a family that has been torn apart. Empty cans are strewn everywhere. There are bottles of alcohol hidden in my wardrobe; I’d like to fling them… Read more »

Julie, Mother of Graduate, Youth program, Lac Écho, 2021


After months of turmoil, our family challenge started on November 23, 2020  Covid certainly didn’t make things easy. We discovered Portage by means of a videoconference that walked us through a virtual tour of the premises, the admission process was conducted outside, and we bid farewell to our daughter in the parking lot, hoping she… Read more »