Anne-Marie’s Testimonial, Adolescent Program, 2004


ʺ At the age of 15, I was placed under the care of the Director of Youth Protection (Direction de la protection de la jeunesse). I was keeping bad company and no longer going to school. My parents couldn’t take care of me anymore. I went to a youth centre and that’s where I heard… Read more »

Luc’s Testimonial, Adult program, 1990


Luc, témoignage

“My name is Luc Desjardins and I am 59 years old. I attended the Lac Écho Adult Program in 1990. That’s more than 30 years ago now! By the time I started the program, I had absolutely no self-esteem or self-confidence left. I had become antisocial and had a serious problem with authority.  I just… Read more »

A Mother’s Testimonial


“I am honoured to be able to give back to such a wonderful and meaningful program like Portage, and that I have members of the Portage family that trust me to represent them by telling my story. This was something I couldn’t have imagined doing a few years ago but with the help of the… Read more »

My son is a drug addict


ʺIt takes a long time for a parent to realize their child has a substance use problem. After all, maybe their child’s behaviour is just par for the course for a teenager? Maybe they’re just going through a bad phase? I had started noticing changes in my son’s behaviour. He had a new group of… Read more »

Jamie’s Testimonial, Adult Center, Lac Écho


I am moving out of HPCII in Griffintown in 3 weeks. I have come a long way in the last five years. Prior to 2015, I would have never dreamed that I would be where I am today. I never thought it would be possible to untangle all of my problems and find solutions.