This social media policy is applicable to the actions of all users on Portage’s social media accounts.


  • Ensure the protection of personal and Confidential Information for clients, employees, volunteers, and for the organisation;
  • Create a social media environment that seeks to prevent abuse and respects individual rights and freedoms;
  • Preserve Portage’s brand name and credibility.

Prohibited Content

For the purposes of this policy, the following content is prohibited:

  • Content that infringes on the fundamental rights of a person, including the right to respect for his privacy, dignity, reputation, and privacy;
  • Content that discriminates based on race, skin colour, gender, sexual orientation, age (except as provided by law), civil status, pregnancy, religion, political convictions, language, ethnic or national origin, social condition, handicap or something used to deal with a handicap;
  • Defamatory or disrespectful content (attack, insult, threatening or obscene language, homophobic, harassment, blackmail, degrading images, etc.), or propaganda;
  • Unsightly or inappropriate content;
  • Non-authorised marketing, advertising, or spam, whether its intention is to promote an idea or a tangible or intangible service (and where hyperlinks are not related to Portage);
  • Anonymous or repetitive content;
  • Illegal content.

It is prohibited for Portage Clients, employees and volunteers (current and past) to:

  • Disclose personal information about Portage clients, employees, or volunteers on social media, whether the information identifies the individual directly or indirectly, without obtaining the prior consent of the person concerned. This includes videos, audio, pictures, written posts, and any other content that could identify the person;
  • Disclose Personal Information about Portage employees or volunteers, without obtaining the prior written consent of the person concerned. They may not identify an employee or volunteer as such outside of Portage’s official platforms, without obtaining the prior written consent of the person concerned. This includes videos, audio, pictures, written posts, and any other content that could identify the individual;
  • Use or repeat confidential information that they are privy to in their role at Portage. They will not divulge this confidential information on social media and will not share any documents or express any opinion on behalf of Portage, unless the person is duly authorised by Portage to do so.
  • Assert any derogatory, hurtful, offensive, or slanderous statement towards another social media user;
  • Undermine Portage’s reputation on social media;
  • Infringe on copyright laws.

Portage Clients (and Past Clients)

Portage will never identify a Social Media User as a Portage client, but each individual has the right to self-identify as such if he/she so chooses, and to post information about his experience at Portage, so long as he/she does not identify other clients.

Creation of unofficial profiles that relate to Portage: Though Portage prefers that clients keep social media interactions surrounding Portage on its official corporate platforms, clients have the right to create their own unofficial groups or pages on social media, as long as they abide by the following requirements:

  • Users must inform Portage that they intend to or have already created the group/page/account;
  • The name of the group/page/account must state that it’s unofficial (ex: Portage Ontario Support Group – UNOFFICIAL);
  • The group/page/account cannot use Portage’s official logo without the prior written consent of the Portage Communications Department;
  • The description of the group/page/account must include a link to Portage’s website and to its official corporate account for that Social Media platform, where one exists;
  • If requested, access to the group/page/account by Portage’s Communications Department must be granted.

Portage Employees

Portage has a social media policy for its employees, which informs them about their responsibilities on social media and about how to react to various issues that may arise on social media.
Employees are not allowed to interact through their personal social media accounts with clients for a period of two years following the closure of a client’s file.


This policy shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Québec and Canada, as may be applicable. Any disputes shall be litigated within the jurisdiction of the federal and provincial courts in Montréal, Québec.

For more information

This document is a shortened version of Portage’s Social Media Policy. Any questions or feedback on this policy should be directed to Portage’s Communications Department, which can be reached at 514-939-0202, at, or at 865, square Richmond, Montréal, Québec, H3J 1V8.