Mentally Ill Chemical Abusers
(MICA) Program

Helping men and woman with mental illness to overcome substance abuse since 1995

Portage’s Mentally Ill Chemical Abusers (MICA) Program is a residential drug addiction rehabilitation program for men and women suffering from both mental illness (primarily schizophrenia) and substance abuse, treating the two disorders as well as their interaction.

Through therapeutic groups and a supportive environment of peers who have been through similar struggles, residents work through the issues that caused their drug addiction problems and develop the skills and competencies to be able to better handle the challenges of everyday life.

Aftercare and Family Services reinforce the process by providing the client with a solid support network following treatment.


  • Eliminate abusive consumption of drugs/alcohol

  • Greater comprehension of mental illness
    (symptom management, medication compliance)

  • Decreased hospitalizations

  • Develop and acquire social competencies

  • Improve family relationships for better social support system

  • Social reintegration: back to school, work, or volunteer work

How does the program work?

Upon admission, new residents are welcomed by those currently in treatment, who help them understand how the program works. Under the supervision of a team of clinical staff members, residents support and encourage each other through the program, helping each other to acquire the necessary competencies and knowledge to move through the phases and eventually become role models to new residents. Therapeutic Community Approach


Typical Day

  • Breakfast
  • Morning meeting
  • Psycho-educational group
  • Seminar/Workshop
  • Lunch
  • Sport or cultural activities or workshop
  • Community groups
  • Dinner
  • Night meeting
  • Free time

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