National Awareness Campaign

The Addiction Traps campaign highlights how quickly, easily and cruelly addiction can lead to isolation, and features a youth who is unable to escape from the vicious circle of addiction. Whether it’s to foster a discussion on the topic or indicate how to get help quickly, the campaign provides information on how Portage can help youth free themselves from their addiction.

Far from reducing Canadians’ alcohol and drug consumption, the Covid-19 pandemic has had a devastating effect on our youths’ mental health. Isolation, school closures, dysfunctional family support are just some of the many reasons; the consequences are very real and include cannabis and alcohol abuse, self-medication and depression, among others. Many youth no longer know how to manage their emotions and are trapped by addiction, in spite of themselves.



The campaign is based on the word ADDICTION which indicates the problem, in order to deconstruct it and add words to express the consequences and the extent of the problem.

A trick playing with repetition that delivers the message and anchors it firmly.

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"Addiction Teases, Addiction Threatens, Addiction Tempts, Addiction Torments, Addiction Terrifies, Addiction Tortures, Addiction Traps.

Don’t let addiction take hold of your life. Whether you’re an adult or an adolescent, Portage’s rehabilitation program can help you break free."


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