Quebec Testimonials

Before they came to Portage, they were all suffering from substance abuse and asking themselves how they would overcome their addiction to drugs.

Here, they share their experiences and offer their testimonials to help give you a better idea of what the Portage drug addiction rehabilitation programs are like and how they have changed their lives.

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"Determined to see my son grow up, I vowed to the judge in charge of the custody file that I would stop taking drugs and regain control of my life. That’s when I made my way back to Portage to get help. After three and a half months of therapy, I went back to work and to my apartment. But most of all, my victory over addiction gave me back the greatest of rewards, the shared custody of my son."


"Today, I stand up for my values and beliefs that I rediscovered while at Portage. In learning to respect myself, my family and friends have learned to trust me again, because now when I say that I’m going to do something, I do it.

I have also learned how to say no and to take responsibility for my decisions.  I sometimes make mistakes, but I admit to them and I continue to move forward."

- Rémi

“Once you make the decision that drugs are no longer the solution for managing the ups and downs of everyday life – yes the ups as well as the downs, because happiness is sometimes just as hard to manage as sadness – you have to re-evaluate your social surroundings and cut the negative ties that you had, at one point, thought were your security. We have learned to choose honesty over manipulation, truth over lies, and self-respect over running away.”