Julie, Mother of Graduate, Youth program, Lac Écho, 2021


After months of turmoil, our family challenge started on November 23, 2020  Covid certainly didn’t make things easy. We discovered Portage by means of a videoconference that walked us through a virtual tour of the premises, the admission process was conducted outside, and we bid farewell to our daughter in the parking lot, hoping she… Read more »

Why asking for help doesn’t make you a bad parent


Illicit drug use among youth can stem from various factors including social pressure, curiosity, anxiety, depression or a desire to experience strong sensations. Despite these common motivations for drug use, parents don’t always recognize the early signs of substance use in their children. These signs can go undetected for many reasons, including a lack of… Read more »

A Mother’s Testimonial


“I am honoured to be able to give back to such a wonderful and meaningful program like Portage, and that I have members of the Portage family that trust me to represent them by telling my story. This was something I couldn’t have imagined doing a few years ago but with the help of the… Read more »

My son is a drug addict


ʺIt takes a long time for a parent to realize their child has a substance use problem. After all, maybe their child’s behaviour is just par for the course for a teenager? Maybe they’re just going through a bad phase? I had started noticing changes in my son’s behaviour. He had a new group of… Read more »

10 warning signs that your adolescent may be abusing drugs


Adolescence is a time of life when teenagers seek independence and when they want more than ever to be accepted by their peers. While this is perfectly normal, as parents, we often wonder what types of behaviours we need to question as possible indicators that our child is misusing or abusing drugs. Dowload the file… Read more »