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The Portage Foundation’s purpose is to raise funds to maintain and improve therapeutic programs designed for people struggling with addiction.

Every donation makes a significant difference.

Your financial support brings hope to all those who use our services and want to spread their wings.

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Impact of Your Donations

Annual Objective: $2,000,000



News from the Portage Foundation in Quebec

Généreuse donation d’Opération Enfant Soleil

Generous contribution from Opération Enfant Soleil

Opération Enfant Soleil's generous contribution of $9,049 through "Fonds sport et santé durable" made it possible for our young, vulnerable clientele to benefit from a step machine, a new coveted...

An invitation to théâtre Jean-Duceppe

Picture credit : duceppe.com Thanks to Hydro-Québec's generosity, eight residents from the Portage adult rehabilitation program at Lac Écho had the opportunity to attend the play Moi, dans les ruines...
Photo couverture apaisante

The Clinique Virtuelle’s Visit

On February 5, Portage welcomed Alice Massicotte from Clinique Virtuelle for a tour of the Portage Mother and Child Centre, and Mental Health and Addiction Centre. The Clinique Virtuelle representative...

Why Donate to Portage?

“For nearly 35 years, Desjardins Group and the Portage team have worked closely together. Youth is indeed one of our priorities and we believe we can make a difference through education.

This is why the Desjardins contribution has always been dedicated to 3 adolescent programs. When young people come to Portage, they reconnect with the education system, thus encouraging them to regain hope to achieve their goals.”

Guy Cormier, President and Chief Executive Officer, Desjardins

“I have been involved with Portage for nearly 25 years because I strongly believe in its mission. This organization brings newfound hope to those who had lost it. By supporting Portage, we contribute to a better society.”

François Olivier, Governor of Portage

“Addiction and mental health issues have significantly increased in the community. I care about the Portage cause because it provides a solution, which is why I have been involved for nearly 10 years.

Through the years, I have seen the positive impact of its programs with adult and adolescent clients. Portage saves lives.”

André Roy, President, PMT ROY Assurances et services financiers and Chair of Portage’s Annual Fundraising Campaign in the Quebec area

Various Ways to Donate

Donation by Phone, Email or Mail

Contact us at 514-939-0202, extension 1158 or by email

Mail: Portage Foundation, 865 Richmond Square, Montreal, QC H3J 1V8

In Memoriam Donation

Honour the memory of a loved one by donating to Portage.

Donation in Shares

Have you ever assessed whether it is better to donate shares rather than money to charity?

Donating shares will most likely increase the tax deduction arising from your gift.
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Planned Donation

Do you deeply care about Portage’s mission? Then consider including Portage in your will. Refer to our Planned Donation Program brochure.

The Portage Foundation is a partner organization of Un héritage à partager.