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The Cirque du Soleil invited 30 youth from the Portage Centre at Lac Écho to attend their latest show Bazzar on July 20th this year in Montréal.

As part of its community engagement, the Cirque du Soleil invites young people who receive services from community organizations working with at-risk youth to attend its new show and enjoy the wonders of the circus. Thanks to this initiative, several youth who are completing their rehabilitation program at Portage had the opportunity to discover the artistic performances and acrobatic feats of the Cirque. Two of them volunteered to share their experience with us.

Simon, who has been fully committed to the program over the last fourth months, explains how he felt seeing his first theatrical performance: ʺWhen I found out I was going, I was really happy because it was my first time ever at the circus. My mother never really had the money to buy show tickets when I was younger. I was really touched because I never thought that all the effort I have put in would come back to me. I was impressed by the show and amazed by the acrobats’ talent.”

Alicia explains how seeing the circus was a dream come true: ʺI had always dreamed of seeing a magnificent, artistic show. Thanks to you, one of my greatest dreams has come true. Thank you so very much.”

Portage extends its many thanks to the Cirque du Soleil for inviting youth from our Lake Écho centre to their show. The feeling of wonder they experienced is important to their rehabilitation.

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