For me, substance use is equivalent with loss of confidence, instability and confusion. As the mother of two young children, I looked to my parents to help me provide a healthy living environment for them. Because I was determined to take back my parental responsibilities, I made a decision that would completely change my life when I contacted Portage and started therapy there on June 4, 2021.

In the months following my admission, I attended the centre’s Cap sur la famille (Focus on Family) workshops to become more confident in my role as a mother and in my parenting skills. The workshops taught me to communicate clearly and positively, and to be more consistent in my parenting. I now understand how important it is to establish a routine and to provide structure and reference points.

Throughout my therapy, I learned how to identify my emotions and express them effectively. I became aware of the power of words and now make a point of sharing this realization with my children.

Today, I can truly see the results of my efforts. I am happy to be able to spend quality time with my family and I am aware of the constant benefits of applying what I learned in therapy to my daily life.


More than anything, I realize there are no how-to books for moms. I do the best I can, relying on my intuition and my love for my children. And if I make a mistake, I put it right.


I give the very best of my perfectly imperfect self.


Catherine, Québec Day Centre, 2021

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