7 pilars of selfcare


The International Day of Self-Care or Wellness was established on July 24, 2011, to promote the importance of healthy lifestyles.


Self-care is a concept which is increasingly common in the media and on social media channels. Elevated to a bona fide lifestyle, self-care is based on 7 principles referred to as the “7 pillars”.

Health Literacy:

This is defined as an aptitude to read, understand and use written information in our day to day lives in order to make better decisions related to (our) health. It involves acquiring necessary competencies to read and understand currently available information in healthcare establishments, grocery stores, retail outlets, schools, via the media as well as through the community.




Listening to oneself is above all a positive state of mind when facing life events. Mental well-being involves multiple elements such as: self-esteem, life satisfaction, optimism, always having a goal to accomplish as well as having a sense of control and ownership over our actions (Read:Seven Tips for Cultivating Happiness).



Physical Activity:

Being physically active is one of the most important elements of the Self-Care concept. It contributes to: healthy growth and development, the prevention of chronic illnesses, such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease, body strengthening, motivational development, stress reduction and maintaining prolonged independence in the elderly.



Healthy Eating:

Healthy eating is an important element for general health and reduction in the risk of chronic illnesses. Having healthy eating habits (avoiding overeating, high-calorie, low nutrition products) lowers the risk of obesity and all linked illnesses, such as heart failure.



Good Hygiene:

It may seem obvious, but hygiene is the primary cause of illness propagation in society. We have all learned at school that washing our hands regularly reduces the risk of contracting or transmitting an illness and infecting others.



Avoid risky behaviours:

Alcohol consumption, drug use and smoking cigarettes are all said to be risky behaviours. It’s obvious for everyone but avoiding these habits allows for a substantial reduction in the risk of illness and death (Read:The Addiction Cycle… and How to Break it!).



Rational and Safe Use of Health Products:

Self-medicating is a now a common practice in our societies. It involves the use of cosmetic products, natural health products and medicine sold “over the counter” or without prescription. It is very easy to fall into excessive self-medication, without taking into consideration the risk factor that taking medicine has on our body. The use of these products should be done with the advice of a healthcare specialist.



By respecting these 7 “pillars”, you’ll protect your body and your state of mind against all illness risk factors. So, on the 24th of July, live the experience and the effects that are felt throughout the year!

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