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On February 14, 2013, Portage Elora residents and staff members marked Portage’s anniversary with a Metamorphosis Day Celebration in Ontario.  To kick-start the day, facility director Gaetano DiFalco addressed the community to describe the history of Portage and to explain the meaning behind Metamorphosis Day.

A staff member shared his life story with the boys’ community, and the girls’ community took part in flower pot painting activity.  As they painted and planted the seeds for their community garden, residents and staff members talked about growth and change, saying that these plants would be a symbol of the residents’ personal growth and change throughout the program.

During lunch period, each resident spoke about what they have been working on since they began their program at Portage, how they felt they have grown and changed, and about their appreciation for being in treatment.  Even new members were able to identify the progress they have made so far.

“It was a great day at the facility and a reminder to refocus ourselves on the importance of growth and change,” states Kathleen Morelli, Female Unit Manager.  “It was a nice opportunity to come together and put our efforts into recognising what this program is all about and what it has offered to everyone.”

At the end of the celebration, the community enjoyed a birthday cake, made by Thomas the chef.

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