As part of Portage Atlantic’s commitment to promote the importance of education, an academic plan is put in place upon entrance to the Portage Program at Cassidy Lake. Objectives range from studying towards high school credits, on-line university courses or completing a GED. Portage residents are encouraged to complete as much academic work as possible while in residence. In addition, a strong emphasis is placed on continuing education, which is the reason behind the Portage Atlantic Bursary Program.

Youth who have completed the residential phase of the Portage Program, who are committed to sobriety, are participating in the Aftercare Program and have their letter of acceptance to an educational program are able to apply for financial help through the Portage Atlantic Bursary Program.

Since its inception in 2007, the Portage Atlantic Bursary Program has been a very valuable program for youth who aspire to pursue their education. Since 2009, ninety-one (91) bursaries have been awarded to sixty-five (65) youth who have attended twenty-four (24) educational institutions. In addition, The Ron Evans Lions Bursary Program, which is administered by the Lions, has dispersed bursaries to eighteen (18) youth since 2007.

No matter the youth interest, University, College, Trade School or on-site job training, the purpose of the bursary is to give Portage youth an edge financially while continuing to nurture their rehabilitation process by supporting them positively.

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