On October 24, 2019, Portage Ontario hosted its first awareness event. Held at a restaurant in downtown Toronto, Mr. Michael Howlett, a Governor of Portage and past Board Chair of Portage Ontario, invited personal friends and acquaintances to join him. The intimate evening was an opportunity to introduce guests to Portage and the work it does in their community.

Highlights of the evening, undoubtedly, were when two Portage graduates spoke about their challenges with addiction. The mother of one also shared what their son’s addiction had put their family, finances and marriage through. While both youth are now headed off to college – one to pursue a career in carpentry and the other in biotechnology – it was not lost on anyone that this was not the usual outcome for adolescents battling addiction, and that Portage had played a part in making that happen.

Led by members of the board, Portage Ontario looks forward to hosting a series of such awareness events throughout 2020. Anyone who is interested in hosting a Portage Ontario awareness event in their home can contact ontariofoundation@portage.ca or call 416-531-1333/519-501-5135. We thank you and look forward to helping make your event happen.

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    • Portage

      Thank you for your question. Our Ontario Centre welcomes young people with substance abuse problems, aged 14 to 19.

      If you, or your loved one, need help as an adult, please call 519 846-0945 or send an email to info_adoon@portage.ca.


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