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Portage Atlantic staff and youth are pleased of the grant award from MindCare New Brunswick in support of the physical wellness program at their residential rehabilitation treatment centre at Cassidy Lake.

The use of the weight and cardio equipment is part of the everyday programming for the Portage Atlantic youth. Having the equipment assembled, inspected, and refurbished in some cases, are essential components of providing a safe gymnasium environment at the Portage Atlantic Lewis Fitness Centre.

Youth tend to draw towards the weight and cardio exercises. One resident at the Portage Atlantic Cassidy Lake centre shared the following:

            “I would like to express how much the gym and equipment mean to me. Honestly, coming back to Portage for the 3rd time, I was very unfit and mentally unstable. I was always unmotivated, falling asleep half way through the day and always complaining about doing things. I wasn’t sure if it was my mental/physical health, or just me acting on old patterns.

            I eventually started to participate in activities and found myself having fun. Little by little I started to feel good about myself and was a lot more confident (breaking bad habits). If it wasn’t for the gym I probably wouldn’t be who I am now. I found myself bonding with people and making strong friendships that will last forever.

            Physical activity is something I didn’t do before, but now it’s an important part of my sobriety. I greatly appreciate the donation and would like to thank MindCare for making Portage a better place, as well as investing in the wellbeing of troubled youth. I can’t express my appreciation enough. The physical exercises further help me deal with my ADHD, break up the stationary portion of our day, rejuvenate our day and allow us to learn valid team work abilities.”

The Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation, under its MindCare New Brunswick banner, raises and distributes funds to numerous programs across New Brunswick that promote mental wellness and provide expert services to those living with mental illness.

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