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Portage helps youth overcome drug addiction while continuing their studies


Our centre in Prévost accommodates 30 English-speaking adolescents between the age of 14 to 18 years old.

Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board offers mandatory on-site school programming to our residents. Since its inception, the Portage Academy has helped many adolescents who had dropped out of the traditional school system to achieve their high school diploma while at Portage.

Small classes and progressive techniques facilitate the academic experience. The students receive encouragement to pursue their studies where before they had known only failures and frustration.

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We offer many other activities

Portage gives residents great opportunities to learn new skills, to discover their interests and to promote a healthy lifestyle. Many activities are offered:

• Team sports

• Yoga, martial arts, hiking, biking, etc.

• Art, music and dance

• Cooking workshops

• Community outing - museum, camping, community events, etc.

• Photography classes

By doing so, youth develop their self-esteem, creativity, curiosity, talents and sense of responsibility.

student struggling drugs alcoholstudent struggling drugs alcohol


Portage Atlantic provides bilingual on-site school programming with individualised curriculum tailored to each resident’s needs. Portage Academy at Cassidy Lake is recognised as an alternative school and is taught by certified teachers from the Department of Education.

Through small classes and progressive techniques, teachers help the residents earn high school credits and develop important skills which will help them succeed long after they have left Portage.


The Lewis Fitness Centre

The construction of the Lewis Fitness Centre is yet another exciting development for Portage Atlantic’s rehabilitation centre. Construction of the new centre began in April 2016 and the placement of the 10,715 sq. ft. centre allows natural light in the gymnasium and a view of the lake from the fully equipped weight/cardio room. The existing activities, cross-country skiing, running, snowshoeing, bicycling and canoeing, for example, combined with the new activities to be held in the Lewis Fitness Centre will greatly improve the overall fitness programming for the Portage Atlantic residents.

students struggling drugs alcohol


Portage Elora provides on-site school programming, which is adapted to the needs of the residents. Courses are administered by the Upper Grand District School Board and all credits are recognised towards the resident’s Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

As the youth share their difficulties with the Portage community, they develop a sense of belonging and learn to trust themselves and each other, while cultivating self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-respect.



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