Portage Atlantic Foundation

Portage Atlantic’s drug addiction rehabilitation program for youth in New Brunswick is financed in part by the Portage Atlantic Foundation, which raises funds through individual and corporate donations as well as fundraising activities.

The Portage Atlantic Foundation counts on the generosity of the community to be able to provide services that not only improve the lives of the young people who come to Portage, but also those of all the families and communities that are affected by the positive outcomes of their rehabilitation.

All donations, large or small, help Portage support Atlantic youth as they seek freedom from addiction.

Our Greatest Needs

  • Aftercare Services for graduates

  • Academic Bursaries for graduates

  • Extra-curricular activities for residents

  • Continuing Education for staff members

Portage Atlantic Foundation News

About Portage

We’re young people with really adult problems


Telegraph-Journal ”But his life didn’t always involve drugs. The 21-year-old says he had a normal childhood, attending St. Stephen High School and maintaining a healthy social life. But he then entered university and became attracted to a life of partying. And tragedy soon followed. His older brother was in a serious car accident where he… Read more »

1973 Portage Centre in Lac Écho - Winter

Metamorphosis Day – Portage celebrates its 44th anniversary


On February 14, 1973, Portage’s first drug addiction rehabilitation centre, located in Prévost, Québec, opened its doors to a small group of adults who wanted to overcome their drug addiction issues and take back control of their lives. Since then, Portage has expanded its drug rehab services, opening other centres in Ontario, New Brunswick, Québec… Read more »

Portage Atlantic- Lewis Fitness Centre

Construction of the Lewis Fitness Centre


After all the planning and fundraising for Portage Atlantic’s Lewis Fitness Centre project, construction is now well underway and Portage staff members and youth have been reveling in the anticipation of watching the day-to-day progress of the construction site. On January 17, Dave Emmerson, Chair of the Lewis Fitness Centre Capital Campaign, met with the… Read more »

Notable Donors

Portage Atlantic is very grateful to the generous donors who make our programs possible, including: 

Lions Club - Portage
AYR Motor Express logo -portage
Future Focus Foundation - Portage
Fredericton Community Foundation logo - portage
Potash Corp logo - Portage
MacMurray Foundation logo - Portage
UCT logo - Portage

  • The McCain Foundation

  • The Late Dr. Bill Lewis

  • The Late Lillian F. Black

  • Ronald and Sherrie Evans

  • Dorothy F. McDade and John E. Bliss

  • Roland and Sharon MacNeal

  • David Middleton

  • Fernand and Ghislaine Arsenault

Why give to Portage?

“Portage Atlantic provides a much needed service to the youth in our communities. Because of their efforts, youth have access to programs and professionals who provide the support and guidance they so desperately need. Atlantic Lottery wholeheartedly supports Portage Atlantic’s efforts with annual funding for their Community Breakfast Series” - Kim Wilson, Senior Manager Corporate Planning & Social Responsibility, Atlantic Lottery Corporation
“Members of Jack Kidd Council have visited Portage Atlantic and watched the young people during their counseling sessions, listening to their testimonies about their struggles with addictions. These visits have given UCT members an understanding of how these young people are guided to take responsibility for their actions and choices. The graduation ceremonies are an emotional time when families and sponsors gather to hear each graduate tell their experience at Portage. After these visits, members are convinced that Portage Atlantic is definitely worthy of UCT’s continued financial support.” - Wes Cosman, Chairperson Drug Awareness Committee, United Commercial Travelers Jack Kidd Council 755, Saint John, NB