We were deeply saddened by the passing away of André Chagnon on October 8th. Mr. Chagnon was a visionary businessman and a committed, well-known philanthropist. He was also a member of the large Portage family as Vice-Chairman of its Board of Directors for 50 years. His contribution to Portage is invaluable. All of us at Portage are mourning his passing and want to extend our deepest condolences to his family.

Following a great career at Videotron, which he founded, André Chagnon decided to devote himself to creating the Lucie and André Chagnon Foundation. Its mission: contribute to family health development and improvement through preventing poverty and disease by mainly working with children and their parents.

His exceptional generosity made it possible for the Portage Mother-and-Child Residential Centre to exist, helping mothers and their young children to get much-needed care and comfort. Mr. Chagnon also helped set up the MIRE (Movement for Integration and Retention in Employment) program, which helps Portage graduates and others experiencing poverty or social exclusion to reintegrate the labour market.

André Chagnon chose to dedicate his resources to supporting tangible actions in the community, ensuring their continuity, and thus promoting lasting change. His life’s work has helped thousands of people in need.

Portage would like to pay tribute to this great man who truly believed that social actions have a real impact and help save lives. Our organization is committed to honouring his conviction and will never stop fighting social inequalities.

Our most heartfelt thanks Mr. Chagnon. May you rest in peace.

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