New Studies Link Cannabis Use to Violence and Depression


A new study conducted by the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC) and Oxford University has linked cannabis use in adolescents to an increased risk of depression. In 2017, a study by the Institut en santé mentale de Montréal had already shown a link between cannabis use and violent behaviour. The risks… Read more »

Giving is receiving!



There are many benefits to volunteering whether it is motivated by societal needs or more personal reasons. While giving of one’s time, knowledge and skills certainly benefits the recipient, it can also be very rewarding for the person doing the giving. Below is a list of reasons for becoming a volunteer. If you would like… Read more »

Dry January: Alcohol-Free for a Month!



For several years now, January has been earmarked as a time to forego alcohol and counter the excesses of the holiday season. The idea of an alcohol-free month, known as Dry January, originated in the United Kingdom and has become increasingly popular, garnering millions of followers largely thanks to social media.  The whys and wherefores… Read more »

Journey to the Heart of Addiction


addiction mental illness

My journey began 34 years ago when I joined the Portage team to become a drug addiction counsellor. Today, I am the director of one of Portage’s innovative programs, the Mentally Ill Chemical Abusers (MICA) program. In 1984, Portage had already been in existence for more than a decade, but did not yet have the… Read more »

A Woman’s Path From Nurse to Director


I’ve always wanted to help others, to serve something greater than myself and to make a difference. When I was younger, I always wanted to be involved in humanitarian efforts and dreamt of being part of Nurses Without Borders (NWB). Taking off to South America for example, to help those that are in need. But,… Read more »

One Month After The Legalization of Cannabis


legalisation cannabis

After more than a month following the legalization of cannabis in Canada, many observations can be made. The cannabis shortage affecting many of the SQDC branches have forced the government to reduce store hours. The bold intentions of reducing the reach of the black market and increasing the quality of the distributed substances have been… Read more »

Alcohol and Drug Use: The Ongoing Issue of Prevention



Governments and organizations are being pressured to find effective means of dealing with substance abuse problems and prevention is seen as a key factor in achieving that goal.   The Importance of Alcohol and Drug Use Prevention Among Youth Alcohol and drug use at a young age often herald addiction problems later on. A major study conducted… Read more »

Terry Fox Run: A Walk of Hope!


Terry fox run

The Terry Fox Run celebrates the trans-Canadian run by Terrence Stanley Fox in 1980. This event, known as the Marathon of Hope, takes place every year on an international scale with the objective of raising funds for cancer research. The History of a Man Terry Fox was born in Winnipeg, Canada in 1958. During his… Read more »

World Suicide Prevention Day: Let’s Talk About It


world suicide prevention day

September 10, 2018 is the 10th edition of World Suicide Prevention Day. The event seeks to promote awareness about suicide and how to prevent it.   Suicide: A Social Issue According to statistics, one person attempts suicide every three seconds. One person dies by suicide every 40 seconds.[1] There are more than one million suicide… Read more »