Montréal, June 22, 2022 

Portage has completed its acquisition and renovation of a residence located near its rehabilitation centre for persons with substance use problems set on the shores of lac Écho in the municipality of Prévost, in the Laurentians. This  investment confirms Portage’s leadership and innovation role in the area of substance use rehabilitation in Québec and Canada. The newly refurbished and reconfigured pavilion for women with substance use problems provides a tranquil space that is essential to recovery.


A Fresh New Space

Given the ageing facilities that until recently hosted the women’s program at lac Écho, Portage decided to invest in the acquisition and renovation of a new pavilion that would provide a setting conducive to recovery. The new facility is better adapted to the therapeutic community approach that lies at the heart of every Portage program. By providing a shared space for women who are dealing with similar challenges, the new facility helps foster an environment of community support.



ʺPortage opened its first rehabilitation centre in Prévost, in the Laurentians, nearly 50 years ago. This latest acquisition will consolidate our footprint in the region. The programs offered at our Lac Écho location have helped thousands of Quebecers take back control of their lives, and we have always strived to provide our residents with the best possible facilities as they progress through the different phases of their rehabilitation.”
– Peter Howlett, President of Portage

ʺThis is very good news for the adult women’s program, whose members will henceforth reap the full benefits of peer support throughout their journey at Portage. Our programs are based on the therapeutic community approach, which is a key component of our residents’ success; the new pavilion provides a shared living environment that will strengthen the bonds between our residents and help foster their recovery.”
– Catherine Cloutier, Unit Manager – Women’s Program, Portage


Substance Abuse and Dependency: A Topical Issue

According to the Institut national de santé publique du Québec (INSPQ), there were more than 450 deaths by opioid or other drug overdoses in Québec in 2021. As the opioid crisis continues to wreak havoc throughout Québec and Canada, there is a very real need to invest in resources such as Portage that help persons with dependencies break free from addiction, rediscover a positive life style, and play an active role in society. Portage is proud to invest in the well-being of its residents.


An Investment for The Benefit of All

The new pavilion features numerous sports facilities that will benefit all residents of the lac Écho rehabilitation centre and provide an added value to their stay. In addition to providing women enrolled in the adult program with more functional living spaces, the centre is equipped with a tennis court and exterior basketball court that are open to residents from its other program, allowing them to connect more easily with other program members.


About Portage

Since 1973, Portage has helped thousands of people with substance abuse problems overcome their addiction. The organization provides a range of services tailored to the needs of adults, youth, mothers with young children, pregnant women, as well as men and women with both mental health and substance use problems. Portage offers free treatment programs that are recognized and accredited with exemplary standing by Accreditation Canada.

Portage operates several drug rehabilitation centres in Québec: in Montréal, Prévost, Québec City and Saint-Malachie. Two other centres cater to residents of Ontario and Atlantic Canada. For more information, please visit our website at portage.ca.

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