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Many studies have shown that going alcohol-free for a month has positive impacts on one’s physical and mental health. To help you get in the loop and take part in the 28 Days Sober Challenge, we’ve listed 28 benefits you could reap from going alcohol-free.

1 – Weight loss.

Reducing your alcohol intake diminishes your calorie intake, which can help with weight loss. One glass of beer or wine yields approximately 150 calories. Add all those glasses taken during the week, and the end tally of absorbed “empty” calories can be impressive.

benefits alcohol free


2 – Your blood sugar levels improve.

3 – Your cholesterol levels improve.

4 – Your stomach will thank you for sparing it from all that junk food that usually comes with excessive drinking.

5 – Your liver regenerates better when you don’t assault it with beer and wine.

6 – Alcohol severely dehydrates all the organs of your body, so reducing your alcohol intake actually helps you to stay better hydrated.

7 – Better sleep.

People mistakenly believe they’ll sleep better if they have a few glasses. They might indeed fall asleep faster, but they won’t sleep well. Alcohol disrupts the third and fourth phases of the sleep cycle, even among occasional drinkers.

benefits alcohol free


8 – Melatonin levels improve.

9 – You avoid hangovers, which is fantastic, because you wake up feeling fresh and ready for work.

10 – Your immune system is stronger, which helps keep diseases at bay.

11 – Women who are trying to get pregnant increase their chances of success.

12 – Men have less risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction.

13 – More willpower to undertake projects.

Going without alcohol for a whole month shows you can undertake a tough challenge. This is the kind of energy you can surf on to take on other projects!

benefits alcohol free


14 – After a whole month without any alcohol, you might be inclined to stop for good.

15 – Your mood is better, you generally feel happier.

16 – Your concentration reaches new peaks.

17 – Your memory is sharper. Nothing—or almost nothing—escapes you!

18 – You have more energy all day long.

No more of those ups and downs during the afternoon. Your days go by faster, because you are happier, more motivated and, most of all, better focused.

benefits alcohol free


19 – You’re not impaired, and this means you’ve got better judgment.

20 – Since you are not impaired, chances are you won’t exhibit embarrassing behaviour in public.

21 – You’ve got less anxiety.

22 – You remember what you did yesterday, so you’ve got fewer chances of having bad surprises!

23 – You recuperate more efficiently after intense physical activity.

24 – Going alcohol-free helps to build muscle mass. People who want good results at the gym should reduce their alcohol intake, or stop it entirely.

25 – You’re more attractive. Your skin looks better (softer, more radiant and firm), as does your hair.

26 – You’re more creative, because your ideas are clearer.

27 – More money in your pockets.

One the most obvious benefits is that you’re richer come the end of the month.

benefits alcohol free


28 – You gain a better understanding of your alcohol consumption, which allows you to know and do what is helpful to improve your life.

6 Responses to “28 Benefits of Going Alcohol-Free for 28 Days”

  1. Ricky

    On day 29, and not missing the beer or cigarettes anymore, think i will stay sober now, with maybe an occasional indulgence… Like only a few evenings per year. But not until Ive gone at least 3 months.

  2. Peter

    I am on day 6 and feeling OK but soooooooooooo glad to have this monkey off my back .
    Looking forward to the body changes at the end of Dry January


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