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Many studies have shown that going alcohol-free for a month has positive impacts on one’s physical and mental health. To help you get in the loop and take part in the 28 Days Sober Challenge, we’ve listed 28 benefits you could reap from going alcohol-free.

1 – Weight loss.

Reducing your alcohol intake diminishes your calorie intake, which can help with weight loss. One glass of beer or wine yields approximately 150 calories. Add all those glasses taken during the week, and the end tally of absorbed “empty” calories can be impressive.

benefits alcohol free


2 – Your blood sugar levels improve.

3 – Your cholesterol levels improve.

4 – Your stomach will thank you for sparing it from all that junk food that usually comes with excessive drinking.

5 – Your liver regenerates better when you don’t assault it with beer and wine.

6 – Alcohol severely dehydrates all the organs of your body, so reducing your alcohol intake actually helps you to stay better hydrated.

7 – Better sleep.

People mistakenly believe they’ll sleep better if they have a few glasses. They might indeed fall asleep faster, but they won’t sleep well. Alcohol disrupts the third and fourth phases of the sleep cycle, even among occasional drinkers.

benefits alcohol free


8 – Melatonin levels improve.

9 – You avoid hangovers, which is fantastic, because you wake up feeling fresh and ready for work.

10 – Your immune system is stronger, which helps keep diseases at bay.

11 – Women who are trying to get pregnant increase their chances of success.

12 – Men have less risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction.

13 – More willpower to undertake projects.

Going without alcohol for a whole month shows you can undertake a tough challenge. This is the kind of energy you can surf on to take on other projects!

benefits alcohol free


14 – After a whole month without any alcohol, you might be inclined to stop for good.

15 – Your mood is better, you generally feel happier.

16 – Your concentration reaches new peaks.

17 – Your memory is sharper. Nothing—or almost nothing—escapes you!

18 – You have more energy all day long.

No more of those ups and downs during the afternoon. Your days go by faster, because you are happier, more motivated and, most of all, better focused.

benefits alcohol free


19 – You’re not impaired, and this means you’ve got better judgment.

20 – Since you are not impaired, chances are you won’t exhibit embarrassing behaviour in public.

21 – You’ve got less anxiety.

22 – You remember what you did yesterday, so you’ve got fewer chances of having bad surprises!

23 – You recuperate more efficiently after intense physical activity.

24 – Going alcohol-free helps to build muscle mass. People who want good results at the gym should reduce their alcohol intake, or stop it entirely.

25 – You’re more attractive. Your skin looks better (softer, more radiant and firm), as does your hair.

26 – You’re more creative, because your ideas are clearer.

27 – More money in your pockets.

One the most obvious benefits is that you’re richer come the end of the month.

benefits alcohol free


28 – You gain a better understanding of your alcohol consumption, which allows you to know and do what is helpful to improve your life.

44 Responses to “28 Benefits of Going Alcohol-Free for 28 Days”

  1. Ricky

    On day 29, and not missing the beer or cigarettes anymore, think i will stay sober now, with maybe an occasional indulgence… Like only a few evenings per year. But not until Ive gone at least 3 months.

  2. Peter

    I am on day 6 and feeling OK but soooooooooooo glad to have this monkey off my back .
    Looking forward to the body changes at the end of Dry January

  3. Andrea

    11 days and feeling good. Diet has changed protein b complex magnesium and vitamin d ina morning shake with apples yogurt kale blackberries and blueberries has made a difference. Lots of water and dark chocolate to take care of the cravings. Sleeping better and anxiety has decreased. A new life!!

  4. Peter

    Tomorrow will be day 21 for me. I got off to my dry January on a late start so there is 12 more days to go . It has not been as hard as I thought it would be however I am very determined this time . I am sleeping mostly all night verses waking up , taking a leak and not being able to fall back to sleep at 2 or 3 am . My skin is much improved with a particular bothersome red spot almost gone on my cheek.
    My thought is build on my success and to say dry for 90 days ; then evaluate my new way of being with a serious goal that I should go for a year ! One day at a Time

  5. Vic

    Day 25 feeling great my skins actually got some grease where it use to be dry my hairs healthy and I’ve lost 9lb bonus

  6. Jay

    Day 15 – No alcohol & in turn no smoking. I am having the occasional mood swing but they are getting fewer and farther between. I feel so much better, particularly in the morning & doing 5,000-10,000 extra steps a day. My anxiety has gone and I have struggled with anxiety since my teens (I am 33yo). I cannot remember having such clarity in my adult life. I have been drinking moderately to heavily since I was 15 so thought it would be a lot harder than it has been. In the 2 weekends that I have been alcohol free I have been to the pub twice with friends to watch the football and to a comedy festival with the wife, it feels strange to begin with but I can still have fun whilst smashing the witty banter… I know it is early days but right now I am enjoying a new lease of life and have no desire to start drinking again. As long as I don’t become an uptight preacher I intend to continue abstinence indefinitely. Looking forward to dropping the excess weight too. Best wishes to all!x

  7. TJ

    Starting today 7/13/2019, Been drinking hard liquor for years at least 8 ounces a day sometimes a little more. Feel awful

  8. Peter

    Day 3 – Back on the program after many failed attempts in 2019. I actually made it 42 days earlier this year as indicated in my two prior post. It seems that I have more motivation when I have a event to gear up for like a annual physical, however this time I know that I am so much better of without alcohol in my life. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be sober .

  9. shannon

    I’m on day 6 without a drink and I’m happy that I survived the wknd. this is the longest I have went without a drink for awhile. I really freaked myself out after the last wknd bringe. i seriously thought i was going to die. dts are the absolute worst. I would really like to quit drinking for good but with many false promises in the past I now realize I need to take it one day at a time. an absolute cliche i know but also so true. i find it especially hard in social situations seeing others drink. so hard…..i feel like a hermit but hopefully it gets easier.

  10. Peter

    Day 12 – Third attempt in 2019 to take control of taking alcohol . Read Allan Carr’s book The Easy Way to Control Alcohol ….. I am sure no one is reading this post but stumbled onto my prior post reading the same article on my journey to be sober. Anyway , feels great to sleep all night without waking up at 3 am and not peeing like two or three times . I actually have not had to go to bed with my usual glass of water for my thirst quenching multiple wake ups . Good luck to everyone that is trying to get this monkey off their backs !

    • Albert

      Lol…. I just read your post and it’s now 2022 and there’s been a pandemic in between. So how did you go? I’m really curious to get your honest take on it now that some decent time has past

  11. Sherol

    I am on day 2 and I just started the 21 day challenge for myself, I’m anticipating the weekend and nervous that I won’t complete my challenge but hoping I can do this !

  12. Eva

    On day 8… its tough.. won’t lie. Cravings are starting to really kick in. Started juices some fresh vegetable juices at home throughout the day. It helps 🙂

  13. Cyndi

    I m on day 8 of no alcohol. I do not drink daily, I drink approximately 4 days a week with the off days being because I am so hung over and exhausted from drinking the day before, I couldn’t drink, so it is not like the days off were because I was trying to “be good”. Weekends are the worse and I will literally spend an entire Saturday and/or Sunday in bed nursing a hangover. I do just enough at work to get by. This past weekend I was full of energy and actually enjoyed my weekend, being out and about, actually accomplishing things!!! Felt great but made me ashamed of myself at the same time. I truly cannot remember the last time I did not drink during the weekend. I use alcohol as some sort of “award” for dealing with a hard day, hard week, dealing with stress. I use alcohol as a coping mechanism to deal with sadness, disappointment. I use alcohol to “medicate” my way through my life. I use alcohol to have fun and truly think that I cannot have fun and be social unless I am drinking. Day 8 is a huge step for me. It is like I am having to re-train my brain on how to live!!! Crazy as that sounds. I appreciate all the posts and this post was hard for me to write but as the words kept coming and I actually saw them, re-read them, I realized just how center stage I have made alcohol. Seeing life without the ‘”fog” looked amazing past weekend, if I just focus on how good I am feeling, I can do this!!!! YOU ALL can do this. Thanks to all who shared their posts and I hope my post helps someone on their journey. 🙂

  14. Jason Grzegorczyk

    Day 17 and honestly I don’t feel much different except maybe clearer brain function ? Probably dropped a few LBS as well I wasn’t a alcoholic per se but I was a binge drinker could easily do a 12 pack of beer and a bottle of vodka from Thursday nite til Sunday afternoon decided to try the 30
    Day challenge and the physical side of it is actually easy it’s the mental part you have to retrain your patterns of thought ..I’m intermittently fasting as well 20 hour fast 4 hour eating window which realy is a one meal a day fast so realistically I’m doing a 23 hour fast and find that equally as easy I’m really quite shocked on the ease but I’ve always had the type A personality at least inwards I don’t project that to others …going to start a exercise program and learn some Tai chi and meditation

  15. Marcus

    Hi Everyone, Well I’m on day 13 of not drinking, got to say it’s little tougher then I thought it was going to be. My emotions are out of sink and I’m tired all the time and don’t want to do much outside the house other then work and daily chores. Background reference December was a crazy month, I got married ,xmas parties, Christmas family dinners, My Birthday NYE ETC. This week I’m going to try to do normal things, work out hang out with friends and family, I do see some positives, Sleep, sex drive, not so dehydrated, saved about $200+I think in 13 days. I haven’t really discussed this with anyone as it’s sorta embarrassing and I can’t imagine I would feel like this after doing a 30 day challenge of not drinking on day 13. I do love not waking up with a hangover, ruining my weekend and having money left over from the weekend. My partner now I think is realizing it’s a struggle for me. But I’m doing this for myself, I feel it’s a positive step in the right decision. So that’s my little rant for now thanks for reading and I hope knowing it’s not always easy but really just take every moment as it comes and know your worth it.

  16. Matt

    I had an accident and promised my Doctor I would stay sober until first appointment. I did it. 28 days. I would like to disagree with all the testimonies and literature. Here’s how it was for me.

    I did lose weight.
    Sleeping was worse. I slept in shifts instead of 8 straight hours.
    Skin tone did not improve, got worse, more dry skin.
    Mood stayed the same. I am pretty happy go lucky anyway, but no better outlook on life.
    Energy level stayed the same or actually decreased. Felt very lazy minus alcohol. I am more productive when I am drinking.
    Socializing was extremely boring being sober. Friends were still funny, I wasn’t.
    Designated Driver was nice. I did not mind this. Got my friends home safe.

    Anyway, I am back to my normal drinking habits and a lot happier. Just wanted to relay my story and opinion.

  17. Laura

    Day 27 – and feeling tired… to my surprise energy levels not really increased, but I have far more focus and drive. Completing projects that I would normally have given up. My interface with the world and people is far greater… Relating to people more positively and clearer 🙂 Tomorrow is my holiday, and I plan to have a glass of red wine, to celebrate my dry month. I have already arranged my next dry month, mid September 🙂 All the best to you all. 🙂

  18. Andy

    I am on day 8. The weekend was hard. I was out with friends and did not tell anyone so when I mixed a drink I did not put Rum in it and no one noticed. It is not easy to do this. My kids were over and noticed I was not drinking and asked my wife if I was okay. She said everything is fine to them. I have not even told her what I am doing in case I can’t do it. She just thinks I am trying to loose weight.
    Not telling anyone what I am doing is hard when I need some boosting up. This is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life but I am determined to get through the 28 day’s .
    I will say sitting in my hot tube without a drink is just not the same lol

  19. Tony Jones

    Started on Feb. 26, 2020, Ash Wednesday, now on day 30, no drinking or smoking for Lent. Haven’t decided to quit or not, but I must admit it been a rough journey, I feel great during these times of the coronavirus, I’ll probably keep on going to build my immune system, lol, we’ll see come Easter time. More than likely I’ll keep it up, feel to good to stop now.

  20. Judith Rowe

    Today is my 6th day. Feel better, eating healthy meals & drinking lots of water with lemon, Pomegranate juice too. I’ve been a blackout drinker for many years, so I’ve had the dreaching sweats, along with spacieness & forgetfulness, headaches.The Pandemic is making me realize that I do have a life IF I continue not to drink any booze ever again. Seems like a gift that I’m not anxious about our world delemia, instead I’m helping out those in need. We are all in this struggle of Alcoholism & need to stay strong. Thank You All for Posting, Stay Safe!

    • Jai

      Hey guys! So I’m on day 28th and to be honest I never thought it would be hard to stop drinking but it was the first week I struggle not to drink the following week my sleep was horrible I barely was sleeping smh it was a mess. The 3rd week it was way much better more energy my memory was improving like crazy I was going to the gym just about everyday. Now I can be around people and wouldn’t dare touch a drink I truly don’t care to drink anymore it feels awesome and my anxiety improved my skin is brighter!

  21. Judith Rowe

    Today is my 6th day. Feel better, eating healthy meals & drinking lots of water with lemon, Pomegranate juice too. I’ve been a blackout drinker for many years, so I’ve had the dreaching sweats, along with spacieness & forgetfulness, headaches.The Pandemic is making me realize that I do have a life IF I continue not to drink any booze ever again. Seems like a gift that I’m not anxious about our world delemia, instead I’m helping out those in need. We are all in this struggle of Alcoholism & need to stay strong. Thank You All for Posting, Stay Safe!

    • EP

      This is great. Happy for you. I am also a drinker in this category (blackout nearly every time alcohol touches my lips) with crushing hangovers of 2+ days with anxiety and an all day feeling of not being able to catch my breath. Seeing as every hangover lasts multiple days paired with the breathing issues I decided to completely abstain. On day 3 currently and made a promise to myself to abstain.

  22. Deepak Luthra

    I was fed up of alcoholism …..abused this poision for 22 years beginning from my late teens
    I started googling “benefits of quitting alcohol”…..after reading about 250 such articles ….here I am…on my 1632nd day sober….starting 26.10.2015…and all I can say that life is so much better now…..I attest all the 28 benefits lisred above

    • JJ

      21 days in and feel fantastic. skin had improved. sleeping ok some nights great others no so much. having a N/A beer during real hard craving days. I have not gone this long for since my 20’s and im 40yrs old. I diod not have a weight issue before if anything I may have gained a few pounds since we have been in the stay at home order and Im eating more than usual. Im more attentive to the kids and my memory and focus is sharp as shit! I crave bourbon but know this is for the best. I was a 3-4 drink a day guy. not a black out or hangover drinker but drinking enough to feel lazy the next day. Knew It was time to do this when I was hiding shooters and keeping my wife from knowing I was drinking. best of luck to you all

  23. Ger

    I’m now on day 28. I never thought that I would be able to stop drinking for this length of time. I was drinking a bottle of wine everyday of the week and to be honest sometimes it could stretch to two. While it didn’t interfere with my relationships or work I knew that I wasn’t doing myself any favours and that I was heading into dangerous territory.
    I’m constantly reading about the positive aspects of giving up alcohol to give myself encouragement and also reading about real peoples experiences. I think that no two people have the same response but I do observe that almost everyone who succeeds in quitting are proud of themselves and come out the other side a lot stronger and more in control of their lives.

  24. Mark Cognet

    I decided to go on a detox. Well me, my two friends and my then girlfriend decide we should all do it as it wasn’t just drink we were smoking and snorting cocaine. That was 28 days ago!!!. Oh no you lost your girlfriend over it – was it (is it) worth it. Hell yes!!!. I was the only one that gave up or is still giving up all 3, and i feel amazing. The best I’ve felt in years. The other 3 said they’d stop the coke, and now 30 days later they are going to stop drinking too. Well two of them are – the then girl-friend wont stop, and thats whats killed us. Not the drink per say but the actions that follow and you know you just dont want to be part of that. Not that any of it was really negative but you just don’t want it and rather than feel “this is my only option” ive felt “nope don’t want this, i want more”. Its amazing how you look at someone differently when they’re pissed and you’re not.

    For me drinking leads to all the other bad stuff. I thought it would be hard, and maybe because of lockdown ive found it easier as no pubs to go to. Ive found a substitute in sparkling water. Been drinking loads of it. It has bubbles so kind of has that “im drinking lager” feel to it because of the bubbles, but thats me. Im sharper got loads more energy working out more, taking work super seriously now, not because i have to but bessie i want to…and thats a massive difference.
    Whats nice is that people that haven’t seen me in a while have already noticed the difference, not in looks, but in my persona. They cant quite put their finger on it but they can sense something is different. something better.
    I’m 48 years old and feel the best. If god were to take me now then i’ve gone out on the top of my game not some useless gibbering wreck and the shadow of the man i could have been. I feel great and hope to continue to do so.
    Thank you for reading

  25. calvin james

    That was me exactly,every weekend friday i ready go to the store get beer and liquor go to bed at 3 saturday and sunday sleeping trying to get right for monday when monday come get a six pack every day until friday do it all over again(that was my life) now i am on my 28th day….

  26. Mike

    I did dry January this year and my 5k run time improved by almost 2 mins. Now doing sober October. Most immediate thing I notice is more energy, haven’t had an afternoon nap for over a week! I’m probably slightly grouchy Though, not saving much money, as spending more on non-alcoholic beers and substitutes, but at least it’s better for me. Going a month without alcohol definitely makes me more aware of what I’m drinking the rest of the time. I may join sober October and dry January together and not drink in between, but feel like a long time…everyone should do this at least once a year

  27. Oliver

    19 days into Stoptober! I’ve done dry January a few times, but this feels a little harder as by january I am normally exhausted and ready for a break after the Christmas festivities. The first week I found really tough, but now I am gladly ticking the days on the calendar, feeling lighter and my need for afternoon naps as all but gone. I’m saving a good bit of money as I was drinking decent wine most of the time! Keep it up and remind yourselves of the benefits written here. I might try and keep going see how long I can do after the end of October.

  28. Richard

    Sober October has done me well. Razor sharp focus, clear skin, lost the beer gut and overall a happier 55 year old man.
    24 days in and never going back. Too many benefits!!!! Not worth it!!!!

  29. Paige

    I am on day 16 and I must admit I feel SOOO much better. I am down weight, I don’t feel bloated in my gut. I don’t feel angry and short tempered as I was feeling and I have dropped a few pounds. I am so happy in how I am feeling physically and mentally.

    • Leslee Smiley

      Did you quit for good? I am on day 22 and I feel amazing and wonder why I ever drank at all.

  30. Jason Perry

    Today is day 28. Yesterday, I really wanted to drink and was annoyed. I drank in the evenings for 20+ years. Gin and tonics w/Orange and could finish a 1/2 gallon per three days. First week was rough sleeping, but I took Zeequil to help. Second week not so bad and felt a lot better. Third week for three days I had a terrible headache. It was like drinking wine and hard alcohol and having that headache the next day type of headache. All I could figure was my brain was rewiring itself. Going to bed and waking up with it really sucked. Fourth week had the same thing, but much less painful. Other than that, so far, I feel good. Confidence is better around people. Work is the same. A little bickering here and there with my wife. Have lost 5 pounds. Going to shoot for a year without drinking. It’s going to be tough, but this isn’t the first time I’ve attempted it and really believe this time I will. Need to reduce blood pressure. Need to survive for my wife and 9 year old. I need to live and not be selfish getting some condition that ruins my family’s finances b/c I was selfish and drank my life away. Good luck all!

  31. Des

    Day 27 for me. I have had an alcohol problem most of my life and I have never had this long away with out it. I have a clearer mind and see a better future ahead with my kids and family. I am more present with life. I have found natural tea at night has helped amazingly and keeping up vitamins and hydration I feel healthier and ready to tackle quitting smoking next!


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