Portage Resident's Creed

Every morning, residents at Portage's drug addiction rehabilitation centres recite the Portage Resident's Creed to start the day off in a positive and constructive way:

I have come here in search of myself. Confused and afraid, I have led my life in the shadow of drugs. I have rejected all who cared for me and loved me. I had become a stranger to my family. Guilt, lies and hurt became my most intimate companions, drugs and alcohol my most cherished friends. I belonged nowhere and to no one. I felt desperately alone.

Here at last, I have found true friends. I no longer need to be the giant of my dreams or the dwarf of my fears. I am allowed to be genuine, to express my emotions. My friends act as a mirror for me, our common quest heals me. The strengths, love and dreams that now live within me have become beacons for my life. From here I will go forth, whole once more, self-aware, confident and assured, never to live in the shadows again.