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Portage Ontario helps at-risk youth in your community

We all know someone, whether a family member, friend, or colleague, who has been affected by addiction in some way. It wreaks havoc on our society and it is our shared responsibility to help young people who are suffering before it’s too late. At Portage, they can acquire the skills to free themselves from the grasp of addiction. It will assure them a better future, and benefit all of society.

We’d like to share the stories of a few of our alumni and how Portage changed their lives:  Dustin’s Story    Samantha’s Story    Vince’s Story


Dustin's Story

Dustin’s story starts the same as many kids’ stories do. But Dustin went deeper. Anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses were being fueled by addiction...    

Samantha's Story

Samantha describes her rock bottom as an “Existential Crisis” – that her life didn’t matter – One day she would be forgotten, so why try to be remembered?  

Vince's Story

Life always seemed like a challenge – one wrought with pain and anger. A physical response felt like the right thing.


"I believe that success is a journey not a destination. Coming to Portage was one of the hardest decisions of my life.  The Portage program helped me to realise that it wasn’t just the drugs that were the problem; it was also how I viewed myself. Over time in the program I gained confidence and when I left, it was with my head held high. I’m a year and 7 months sober. I don’t think I would have made it here today if it weren’t for Portage. There have been some rocky roads and some flat tires on my journey, and I haven’t reached my destination yet.  But I’m well on my way, thanks to Portage.” - Tyler
“The staff members were supportive and I learned to trust them. I learned to respect myself more and learned many coping mechanisms to overcome my addiction and to distance myself from negative friends. Thanks to Portage, I learned to use my stubbornness in a positive way to push myself. I am here today to tell you that I survived.” - Julie
"Throughout the program, I began to see that I was as valuable as anyone else. I have learned how to understand others and how to ask for help. I know that I can’t do it by myself, but because of the family I’ve gained at Portage, I know I won’t have to." - Cardier
"Since I came to Portage I've stopped using drugs, I've stopped talking to negative people. I started becoming more independent and respecting others and myself, learning basic skills of life and just having fun without being high." - Jennifer

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Une visite d’Agrément Canada réussie!


Agrément Canada est un organisme indépendant qui établit des normes pour assurer la qualité et la sécurité des soins de santé et qui procède à l’agrément d’organisations de santé au Canada et dans le monde entier. Depuis plusieurs années, Portage collabore avec Agrément Canada afin de certifier la qualité et la sécurité de ses services. … Lire plus »

Portes ouvertes au centre TSTM de Portage


Le jeudi 4 mai 2017, le centre TSTM de Portage, le programme pour toxicomanes souffrant de problèmes de santé mentale, a ouvert ses portes aux différents protagonistes du milieu de la santé afin de partager son expertise. Pour cette occasion, le père d’un ancien résident est venu témoigner du parcours de sa famille, plongée dans… Lire plus »

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De saines habitudes de vie pour les résidents des centres de réadaptation de Portage


Mars est le mois de la nutrition et Portage en profite pour vous parler de ses engagements, de ses activités et de ses initiatives liés à l’alimentation qui se déroulent périodiquement tout au long de l’année. Une bonne alimentation est primordiale au maintien d’une bonne santé. C’est la raison pour laquelle les centres de réadaptation… Lire plus »

Portage Ontario Foundation

Portage Ontario’s drug addiction rehabilitation program for youth is financed in part by the Portage Ontario Foundation, which raises funds through individual and corporate donations as well as fundraising activities.

Portage Ontario Board

The Portage Ontario Board of Directors is chaired by Todd Nishimura. The Board is made up of dedicated volunteers who are involved in their local communities and who ensure the proper governance of Portage activities in Ontario.

  • Todd Nishimura, Chair
  • Peter Howlett, President of Portage
  • Richard Bowden
  • Elaine Casavant
  • Norman Lord
  • Piera Morra
  • Michael Mundy
  • Peter O'Brien
  • Colin Stairs
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