For those who are in their post-therapy reintegration phase or who want to avoid falling back into their old patterns of substance use, summer festivals can be both enjoyable and challenging.  This article contains practical tips on how to fully enjoy these events while staying sober.


  1. Surround yourself with positive people

When you go to a festival, surround yourself with people who nurture your sobriety and understand your objectives. Being with friends and family who respect your choices and are ready to support you when needed can help you stay on track. If possible, consider joining a support group that can provide additional counselling during challenging times.


  1. Avoid triggers

Identify potential triggers that could prompt you to use alcohol or drugs when you’re at a festival and take steps to avoid them as much as possible. Triggers could include certain people, situations or environments that bring to mind your old substance use patterns. Be aware of these triggers and be ready to face them in a positive and constructive manner.


  1. Prepare an action plan

Make sure you always have an action plan so that you’re ready to face difficult or tempting situations.  If you’re feeling vulnerable or have an urge to use a substance, have some strategies at the ready to help you step back from the situation; seek help from a trusted friend; or contact a health professional if needed.


Tips on how to say no

  • Simple responses: A simple “no thank you” or “for health reasons” is often enough. Sobriety is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people choose a healthy lifestyle, so these responses should be well received.
  • Festive alternatives: Opting for a mocktail allows you to join in the festivities without consuming alcohol.


Summer festivals can be great fun for those who want to stay sober and avoid the pitfalls of drug and alcohol use. By following the above tips and staying true to your sobriety objectives, you can fully enjoy these summer events while protecting your health and well-being. Remember you’re not alone and support is always available to see you through challenging times.

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