The Cost of Substance Use in Canada: A Very Real Impact


A recently published report by the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA) states ʺIn 2020, we estimate substance use (SU) cost people in Canada more than $49 billion and led to the loss of over 200 lives every dayʺ.  Between healthcare costs, loss of productivity, changing consumption patterns and increasingly toxic illicit and… Read more »

How to Tell if You Have an Alcohol Problem in 4 Steps


The health risks linked to excessive alcohol use are well-known and have been the focus of numerous awareness campaigns. But it’s not always easy to assess your alcohol consumption. Below are guidelines you can use to determine if you have an alcohol problem.       1.    Determine how much you’re drinking   Start by counting… Read more »

Vaping and Wax Pens: New Ways of Consuming Among Young People


Image d'un wax pen de couleur bleu.

They are practical, odorless, less expensive, easy to get and more discreet. Electronic cigarettes have become ubiquitous in Canadian society and among young people in just a few years. Though they may seem slightly less harmful than tobacco, e-cigarettes are fraught with several known risks and hazards still poorly understood. The e-cigarette device heats a… Read more »