Crys’s Testimonial, Québec City Day Centre, 2019


Can you describe the beginning of the program? How was your experience? I didn’t know what to expect. I had no idea what I signed up for! It was my first therapy: I didn’t even know what a therapeutic community was. At first, I felt like I didn’t belong and was reluctant to it. I… Read more »

Dany’s Testimonial, Quebec City Day Centre, 2019


A Promise to Myself In order to please my dad, I took over his construction business; but I never felt recognized in my role. For 35 years, I lost myself in a world of illusion. All I wanted was to numb myself to reality; but substance use takes a heavy toll. My body was rebelling… Read more »

A Three to Six Month Rehabilitation Program Tailored to Youths’ Needs


Portage has been tailoring its addiction rehabilitation programs to the specific needs of young people and their families for many years now. Its residential centres offer variable-length therapy programs that can last anywhere from three to six months, depending on each youth’s journey towards sobriety. Condensed program phases At Portage, therapy includes six phases that… Read more »

Gaëlle’s Testimonial, Québec Day Centre, 2022


As a child, I had everything I needed to succeed. I was sensitive and gifted. I played piano, I danced, I was bursting with talent. But my pleasant life shifted dramatically during my primary school and early secondary school years, when bullying and rejection became my daily lot. Wanting at all costs to be accepted… Read more »