Mental Health: The Great Quandary


Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, much has been said about the disastrous state of the population’s mental health. Mental health issues are thought to affect a large segment of society, and more specifically young people. Because the term mental health is so often misused, it is important to understand what it is and what it… Read more »

Why asking for help doesn’t make you a bad parent


Illicit drug use among youth can stem from various factors including social pressure, curiosity, anxiety, depression or a desire to experience strong sensations. Despite these common motivations for drug use, parents don’t always recognize the early signs of substance use in their children. These signs can go undetected for many reasons, including a lack of… Read more »

Suicide Prevention Week 2023


The 33rd annual Suicide Prevention Week will take place from February 5th to 11th. Held under the theme ʺPrevention is Better than Deathʺ, the campaign seeks to promote dialogue and sharing in order to save lives and support people who are potentially at risk.   Suicide impacts numerous people everywhere in the world, making it… Read more »