Happiness can be defined as a sustained state of well-being, a sense of fulfilment and contentment that lasts over time. For many of us, feeling truly and completely happy is a daily challenge, one that can seem nearly out of reach in the darker moments of our life. But whatever hardships may come our way, we mustn’t forget that we alone have the power to actively cultivate our own happiness.


Accept Yourself:
  • By taking a realistic view of your strengths and skills
  • By having a positive outlook on yourself and your past
  • By acknowledging your mistakes and accepting your failures as opportunities for growth
Take Action:
  • By setting well-defined goals and taking concrete steps to achieve them
  • By taking on new challenges
  • By contributing to the community
  • By giving meaning to your life and finding meaning in events
  • By acknowledging your own emotions in order to better own them, make room for them and allow yourself to express them
  • By allowing yourself to be vulnerable
  • By making decisions that align with your values
  • By considering yourself free to act and choose as you see fit
  • By choosing to surround yourself with positive, caring people
Be Open:
  • By discovering new ideas and news points of view
  • By accepting differences in others
  • By doing things differently
Build Relationships
  • By caring for others and having empathy
  • By developing a sense of belonging
  • By being honest and genuine
Take Care of Yourself
  • By asserting yourself and respecting your limits
  • By maintaining a balance between the various aspects of your life
  • By asking for help when you need it
  • By having fun!


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