To complement the garden project at Lac Echo, there is also a hen house, which is computerized to ensure the animals’ well-being, and any equipment required for organization and maintenance is purchased. Chicks will become laying hens and other breeders, and two roosters now live in the small buildings.

Cleaning the poultry habitat, feeding, and checking on their condition is another way for residents to take responsibility. When caring for chickens, zootherapy benefits can also be emotional, physical, social and psychological. What’s more, fresh eggs are produced every day, to the users’ health and delight.

The Portage centre in Cassidy Lake, New Brunswick, offers horse riding lessons. This is a highly therapeutic activity for residents as they must be able to control their emotions to establish trust with the horse.

Equine-assisted interventions help develop social and emotional skills, self-esteem, organization and communication. The horse thus becomes a therapeutic aid.