Team Sports


All our programs encourage residents to play team sports every day with their therapeutic community members. Most of our centres are equipped with many specific fields: volleyball, basketball, soccer, hockey, etc.

Within a therapeutic community, team sports help strengthen social reintegration, secure a sense of belonging, and learn new values. They help improve communication within a group and build strong relationships.

Aside from practicing outdoor sports that are highly beneficial to the residents’ well-being, a new, larger fitness room was created, making it possible to engage in physical activities with trainer supervision.

The relaxed state that ensues after practicing intense physical activities is due to the production of endorphins, the pleasure hormones produced in the brain. Implementing a structured sports program is an excellent way to counter psychological distress and social anxiety in young people.

“Sports are something I love at Portage. Activities we wouldn’t otherwise practice when using, that we wouldn’t even know about.”

- Eugenia, Adolescent Program