Music Lessons


Music is a daily part of young people’s lives.

Our Lac Echo Adolescent Centre has a music room. Donations from the Simple Plan Foundation made it possible for Portage to equip the room with instruments (guitars, drums, piano, stereo system, djembes, etc.) as well as a computer and recording equipment, available to all young people.

Each week, a teacher gives music lessons and tailors the class based on the teenagers’ aspirations and progress. These young people are encouraged to develop their artistic and musical skills.

Active music therapy enables self-expression. Aside from being an opportunity to share passion, music improves cognitive (attention, memory), psychomotor (agility, coordination), and socio-affective (buried and forgotten emotions) skills. Playing an instrument in their spare time is crucial for their rehabilitation and gives them the opportunity to enjoy music’s therapeutic benefits.

As part of their music lessons, Lac Echo residents composed and recorded the song entitled “Something New” to express the impact of therapy on their recovery. A song video was created and presented at the Social Impact Film and Art Festival (SIFA Festival) for its first edition on June 2, 2022, in Montreal.

This achievement was a wonderful opportunity to promote Portage’s mission while being a significant source of motivation for resident artists who skillfully represented our organization.

Portage extends its sincere thanks to the Simple Plan Foundation. Without them, none of this would have been possible. Members of the famous music group wanted to send a message of encouragement to the young people who participated in the SIFA Festival.