Community Garden


A community garden, born from a young resident’s project in 2019 – who cared about the environment and wanted to eat healthy – has known continued success.

The garden’s surface area was extended after a successful first year at Lac Echo. Residents are responsible for planting, watering, and harvesting vegetables from the garden. These organic vegetables are grown free of pesticides and then cooked at the centres. The chef and his team help the group select what is planted and choose healthy recipes. This activity helps residents develop personal responsibility while fostering healthy eating habits.

The garden is a year-round activity. In winter: research, documentation, and seeding preparation on heated indoor mats. In the spring: the ground is prepared, and seeds are planted after frost periods. During summer: regular maintenance. In the fall: harvest. This activity encourages residents to get involved in their living environment during their therapy and continue this practice once their stay is over.

The community garden reflects Portage’s desire to act in achieving a sustainable ecological transition. Healthy lifestyles are the foundation on which residents can build their lives without resorting to drug and alcohol use.