Artistic Expression


Art workshops have been offered to Portage residents for many years in rehabilitation centres. This activity has been successful, allowing a creative space that is free from any judgment.

Art workshops are therefore a type of outlet to freely express emotions and feelings. They also promote confidence in one’s own abilities and self-esteem, a basis in the therapeutic journey at Portage.

The Saint-Malachie centre houses teenagers who carry out computer graphics projects, testifying to both hope and confidence in the future that drives them. These artworks, filled with creativity and spontaneity, also reflect the potential to succeed on their voluntary rehabilitation journey at Portage. The experienced graphic designer hosting these workshops is impressed with the quality of the work produced by the youngsters. They transfer their handmade drawings to a computer and then print them on various items such as shirts, banners or other. Several projects are also carried out with Envol high school.

Supervised by the art teacher, residents of the program for women with addiction and mental health issues created a triptych to represent the before, during, and after Portage. All three works of art were exhibited at the SIFA Festival in Montreal for its first edition in 2022.

Thrilled to take part in the event, this new challenge was an excellent opportunity for residents to channel their energy, develop passions and strive for greater autonomy. Furthermore, this enrichment experience made it possible for them to build on their achievements, express their rehabilitation process, work as a team and especially, value this life approach. Given this engaging project, other similar avenues are being considered in arts.