Quebec Testimonials

Before they came to Portage, they were all suffering from substance abuse and asking themselves how they would overcome their addiction to drugs.

Here, they share their experiences and offer their testimonials to help give you a better idea of what the Portage drug addiction rehabilitation programs are like and how they have changed their lives.

“We’ve all suffered in our past; we were lost and didn’t have the slightest clue how to even be happy. It’s as though the events in our lives were given to us as puzzle pieces to reach our goals. But none of the pieces ever fit together no matter how hard we tried. Our puzzle pieces may not have fit before but being here we have found that every one of us has a piece of that puzzle in him. And we’ve completed the first step to reaching our happiness.”

– Luna

"I like to compare the beginning my recovery to being in a dark, hollow, damp hole with a tiny opening shining one microscopic beam of light down into it. The speck of light was almost invisible and insignificant but it represented hope. Humans can survive days without water, months without food, but not a second without hope. As I progress in my recovery and begin to accomplish what I once thought was impossible, the speck is widening and the hole is drying out and becoming brighter. Pretty soon I'll be able to hoist myself up, climb out of it once and for all and emerge into my newfound reality."

- Ema

"Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Believe that you can go far. We all have potential so great we just have to choose to use it. Remember that there are people who can relate. Your true self, don’t ever lose it."


"The most important transformation that I underwent at Portage was to increase my self-confidence and to learn how to manage my emotions. Before I went to Portage, I managed my emotions with drugs.  Now, I can deal with everyday situations much better that I used to - I can face these situations.  I'm working to become an engineer."

- Miguel