Our Mother and Child program enables mothers to begin rehabilitation therapy while remaining close to their children.

During the day, while these women take important steps toward regaining control of their lives, their children are cared for at La Ribambelle, a subsidized daycare provided by Portage. The services at La Ribambelle are not only available to the children of the women enrolled in the Mother & Child program, but also to the children of the staff.

A dedicated team of early childhood educators delivers an educational program within a safe and nurturing environment, with the primary goal of supporting every child in reaching their fullest potential.

The educators are deeply committed to fostering the well-being and development of children of all ages. They place a strong emphasis on working closely with the mothers, ensuring they remain a central figure in their children's lives. This approach is complemented by a collaborative effort with the substance use treatment team, providing a continuous support system for the child's development.