Mother and Child drug addiction treatment centre in Montréal


Addiction and mental health issues are becoming increasingly intertwined, necessitating collaboration between experts in both fields. Portage recently met with the Psychology Foundation of Canada (PFC) to discuss how each could help the other to carry out its mission.

Representatives from PFC, a charity that focuses on mental illness in children, sat down with Portage’s Executive Director, Peter Vamos, to discuss the following initiatives:

1. PFC shall make its expertise in working with children under five years of age available to the staff team at Portage’s Mother and Child drug addiction treatment centre in Montréal;

2. PFC shall promote Portage Elora as a possible substance abuse rehabilitation program during its Aboriginal outreach;

3. Portage shall extend its expertise and support to PFC in developing its stress management module for youth in Grades 9-12.