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Good news for Portage

As of April 1st, 2010, the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux du Québec is now contributing 1.4 million dollars annually to help finance Portage’s drug addiction rehabilitation centre for francophone adolescents in Saint-Malachie. This new financing allows Portage to offer its services free-of-charge to youth residing in the eastern regions of Quebec.  This is excellent news for Portage, and we are incredibly grateful to the representatives from the MSSS and the Agence de Santé et services sociaux de Chaudière-Appalaches, especially Mr. Émilien Bouffard, whose collaboration was central to creation of this agreement.

Portage’s adolescent program in Saint-Malachie provides addiction rehabilitation services to youth from 14 to 18 years of age.  At Portage, young people can work through their addiction problems, while at the same time benefiting from on-site educational programming.

For youth and by youth, “La Rive” raises awareness about drug addiction

Portage QC Bulletin_Affiche La Rive.jpgSince it was established in 2004, a number of graduates of the Portage adolescent program have benefited from the “La Rive” project, a social rehabilitation program through which participants develop their employability skills through the production of a multimedia play, performed in schools and youth centres in the local community. Read more…

An unforgettable experience at Cirque du Soleil for Portage residents
On Sunday April 18, 2010 residents from Portage drug addiction rehabilitation centres in the Montréal region attended a Cirque du Soleil performance in the Old Port of Montréal.  The tickets were graciously donated by Cirque du Soleil.
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New supervised apartment for MICA graduates
On Friday, March 19, three graduates of Portage’s Mentally Ill Chemical Abusers (MICA) program moved into a new supervised apartment in Montréal.
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Photo: New supervised apartment for graduates of Portage’s program for Mentally Ill Chemical Abusers. 
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“The main message is that just because you fall doesn’t mean that you can’t get up,” explains Stéphanie, a participant of the La Rive program. “When you ask the right person for help, you will receive it.”

Open House at Portage’s centre for Mentally Ill Chemical Abusers

Portage QC Bulletin_TSTM Portes Ouvertes.jpgOn May 6th, the Portage centre for Mentally Ill Chemical Abusers (MICA) welcomed about fifty representatives from hospitals and centres who work directly with this clientele for its third annual Open House.

“Since its inception, more than 700 people have attended the Portage MICA program and its supervised apartments. Our program is designed for their reality, and with ongoing follow-up for two years, it provides the best possible chances in favour of our residents’ success. We are particularly proud to have added a new supervised apartment this year, bringing the total number of apartments available to residents who have completed the residential phase of our program to three,” highlighted Antonio Maturo, director of the MICA centre. Read more…

Read the testimonials presented at the Open House by a resident and his father.

Major renovations at Portage Lac Écho’s adolescent house

Following a fire last August in the Lac Écho adolescent house, the residents had to move into temporary accommodations.  The boys’ and the girls’ dormitories as well as the dining room and some administrative offices were badly damaged by smoke.  Portage made the most of the situation by renovating and improving the damaged areas.  The refurbishing process was carried out throughout the winter. Read more…

Adult induction phase transferred to the lac Écho centre in Prévost

Portage QC Bulletin_Lac Echo.jpgSince June 7th, the induction phase of the Portage adult program, which was previously done at the Day Centre in Montréal, has been transferred to the residential centre in Prévost due to a funding shortfall. The Day Centre welcomed adult substance abusers for a three to four week preparation period prior to their transfer to the residential centre at Lac Écho in Prévost.

Evaluations and admissions are still being done at the Montréal centre at 1640 Saint-Antoine Street, which also manages the information phone line. Once all the formalities necessary to open the file are completed, clients are sent directly to Lac Écho. For more information about the Portage adult program, call 514-939-0202.

This change in the induction phase of the adult drug rehabilitation program is not expected to have an impact on the therapeutic process. Portage remains committed to maintaining the high quality of services that our residents are accustomed to.

across Canada

The Accreditation Canada visit

 News_Accreditation2.jpgAll Portage centres participating
in the accreditation process had their Accreditation
Canada visit during
the week of June 7-11.  Each of these centres had
received the
Accreditation Primer in 2008 and 2009.  The purpose of
this year’s visit
was to complete the accreditation process,
demonstrating the continuous
improvement of the quality of Portage’s services, the
competency of the
staff members, and the expertise of the organisation.

At the end of the week, the Accreditation Canada
surveyors expressed how delighted they were to have
visited Portage,
thanking the staff members for their warm welcome and
their patience.
They noted the flexibility and adaptability of the
organisation and the
very high quality of services and care offered to
residents.  The
surveyors were struck by the devotion, passion, and
creativity of
Portage staff members and praised Portage’s continuing
efforts to
improve practices and measures to ensure the safety of
residents.  They
were especially impressed by Portage’s focus on
residents and their
families, enthusiastically highlighting the
Recognition Ceremonies, the
official recognition of each resident who completes
the Portage program.

Accreditation Canada’s Board of Directors will be
making their official decision about Portage’s
accreditation status in
the coming days.  Portage is pleased to have
participated in this
process and is committed to maintaining all the
improvements that have
been made, while continuously bettering its service

Portage across Canada
GAIN training

Portage Newsletter_GAIN
 training.jpgAt the end of April, a group of
Portage staff members attended a training session on the GAIN
questionnaire (Global Appraisal of Individual Needs) at the Chestnut
Health Systems facility in Illinois.  Portage is currently preparing to
shift to the GAIN system to assess new residents at the admission phase.

Established in 1993, the GAIN has received widespread
recognition as an evidence-based assessment technique for both adults
and adolescents.  It is a comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment tool
that supports a number of treatment practices, including initial
screenings, brief interventions, referrals, standardised clinical
assessments for diagnosis, placement and treatment planning, monitoring
of changes in clinical status, service utilisation, costs to society,
and subgroup and program-level needs assessment and evaluation.

About Portage

Portage is a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping people who are suffering from substance abuse-related problems to overcome their dependencies and to live healthy, happy and productive lives. Portage is a vital and progressive force in the drug addiction treatment field in North America, with service centres in Québec, New Brunswick, Ontario, and British Columbia. Through drug addiction treatment best practices and the therapeutic community approach, Portage helps residents develop their self-esteem, confidence, and the competencies necessary to overcome addiction. Portage has been operating drug rehabilitation centres in Canada for 35 years.

Read more about Portage’s mission, vision, and values.

The director of Portage’s Mother and Child centre delivers a presentation on drug addiction and parenting
On May 12th, Danielle Des Marais, the director of the Portage’s drug addiction rehabilitation centre for mothers with their young children and for pregnant women suffering from drug addiction, gave a presentation at a conference in Montréal on dependencies.  The conference, Rond-Point 2010, was put on by the Association des centres de réadaptation en dépendance du Québec (ACRDQ).
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Portage Lac Écho open house for former resident
On April 24th, Portage Lac Écho held an open house for former residents.  All the visitors are currently participants in Portage’s Continuum of Care program.

Portage Lac Écho adolescents are “students for a day” at the Saint-Jérôme CÉGEP
Seven adolescent Portage Lac Écho residents got a taste for what CÉGEP is like as “students for a day” at CÉGEP Saint-Jérôme at the beginning of April.
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Portage West Island marks International Women’s Day
On March 8, 2010, the residents of Portage West Island marked International Women’s Day with several activities.  The main event was a presentation by female scratch artist and DJ, Killa-Jewel.
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A workshop on “Hypersexual Fashion” gives the residents of Portage Lac Écho a lot to think about
On March 10th, the women residents of both the adolescent and adult programs at Portage Lac Écho participated in a workshop about hypersexual fashion led by Mariette Julien.  Mme Julien is a PhD in Communications and a professor at the École supérieure de mode de Montréal, at l’Université du Québec (UQAM).
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