Portage Québec Spring Newsletter 2014
Portage Saint-Malachie

Mission accomplished in Saint-Malachie! The “Rebuilding Lives” Capital Campaign comes to a close

Cloture campagneAfter three years of fundraising and much work to renovate, expand, and improve the infrastructure at the Portage Saint-Malachie drug addiction rehabilitation centre for youth, Portage celebrated the closing of its “Rebuilding Lives” Capital Campaign at the centre with partners, donors, and the young people in treatment.
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Portage helps to raise awareness about prescription drug abuse among youth

Ordre des pharmaciens du QuebecOne out of eight adolescents has admitted to using prescription medication to get high, and 70% of them found the medication at home [1]. Many youth mistakenly believe that prescription drugs are safer than illegal drugs, since they have been approved for consumption. They don’t necessarily understand that taking medication for non-medical reasons carries severe risks: intoxication, dependency, overdose, and death.
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Mental illness and drug addiction: Portage addresses the harmful mix

 MICA Open HouseDuring Mental Health Week at the beginning of May, Portage’s Mentally Ill Chemical Abusers (MICA) centre held an open house for about thirty visitors who work with people with both mental illness and drug addiction issues. Representatives from the MICA centre also took part in several mental health symposiums to help raise awareness about the concurrent disorder and about how Portage is helping its residents to overcome it.
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Portage Corporate Video
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Portage gets a visit from the Mayor of Montréal

Portage residents welcome election candidates to the rehabilitation centres

Portage Beaconsfield involved in the community

Physical education classes every day for the youth and adults in treatment at Portage Prévost


28 mai – La Voix du sud
Succès de la campagne «Reconstruire des vies» de Portage

Apr. 16 – Global News Montréal
The mommy juice trend

14 mars – Journal le Métro
Usage de médicaments comme drogue: l’Ordre des pharmaciens s’inquiète

10 mars – CHOI 91,9 RadioX Montréal
Droguer vos propres ados

10 mars – La Presse
Médicaments d’ordonnance: être le «pusher» de ses enfants

10 mars – 98,5 FM
Témoignage de Brandon à l’émission de Paul Arcand

Portage testimonial

It was night time. I was crawling. I could barely move forward. The storms, the winds were against me. I was being walked on, spat on. I was being picked up gently only to be thrown back to the ground like a piece of trash. Like a caterpillar, I was helpless. Life had no flavour, no smell, no beauty. I dreamed… I dreamed of burying myself deep into the ground and disappearing.

No! I dreamed of being reborn. I drew up my strength, my hope, my courage, my determination. I was revived. I saw a light in the distance: life! The sun drew me, the flowers smelled good, the clouds soothed me, and the music delighted me. Suddenly, I realised that I could fly and I was scared. I was scared of falling and living as I had before. I desperately wanted to smell the flowers, to play with the other butterflies, to feel free and not imprisoned by my own fate. So I flew away and I was free. I trusted myself, and I rediscovered myself.” – Alexandra, graduate of the Portage Mother and Child Program.

Portage working to expand its programs for the Inuit community

Inuit ProgramsPortage is pleased to announce that its rehabilitation program for the Inuit community who are serving time in the Saint-Jérôme prison, has recently been renewed for another year by Ungaluk, a division of the Makivik corporation. A similar program may soon be offered to the thirty or so Inuit women incarcerated at the Maison Tanguay, north of Montréal.
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A busy time for the Portage Foundation

Portage Golf Tournament QCSpring is an eventful time of year for the Portage Foundation in Québec.  Numerous fundraising activities help to create awareness about Portage among the business community and to promote the good work that is being done in its substance abuse rehabilitation centres.

The Portage Foundation would like to thank all those who participate in our fundraising events, and especially the many commited volunteers who help ensure the success of our fundraising campaigns. We are extremely grateful for their support.


The Portage Experience, from the perspective of the Executive Director

Portage ExperienceThe time a person spends at Portage can best be described as a time of self-discovery. In the supportive and nurturing environment of the Portage community, our clients encounter, sometimes for the first time, their emergent self.  This is not so much about treatment as it is about freeing the beautiful person within, to face the world and its challenges with confidence, competence, and a determination driven by hope.
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About Portage

Portage is a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping people overcome their dependencies in order to be able to live healthy, happy, and productive lives.  With service centres in Québec, New Brunswick, Ontario, and British Columbia, Portage helps clients to develop their self-esteem, confidence, and the competencies necessary to overcome addiction.  Portage has been operating drug rehabilitation centres in Canada since 1973.  For more information, click here.


Portage Beaconsfield High School Graduation Ceremony – June 17

Portage Olympics – Aug.11-14

11th edition of the Soirée des Grands Philanthropes : Tribute to Louis Vachon – Oct. 2

Montréal Recognition Ceremony – Oct. 5

Québec City Recognition Ceremony – Oct. 19


How Family Services empower loved ones to play an active role in the recovery process

Portage recognises its extraordinary volunteers during National Volunteer Week

Employee Recognition and New Staff Appointments Spring 2014


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