Portage Prevost - Fete des neiges

Portage Prévost welcomes community members to an information breakfast

On April 18, the Portage centre for adolescents and adults in Prévost, near lac Écho, hosted an information breakfast for local partners and organisations in the substance abuse treatment field and related industries.  Guests enjoyed a continental breakfast, sponsored by the IGA Marché Piché, as they listened intently to the testimonials of residents and a description of the programs by Portage staff members.
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Portage Beaconsfield residents helping to prevent addiction issues among youth in the community

Portage QC - Partners in PreventionPortage Beaconsfield is a member of Partners in Prevention, a network of organisations, coordinated by the Lester B. Pearson School Board, whose mission is to support parents in the prevention of addiction-related high-risk behaviours.  For the past number of years, Partners in Prevention has held awareness evenings for grade six students and their parents during the month of April, to help them to initiate or continue discussions about drug and alcohol use and the choices that the children may face as they transition into high school.

Portage Beaconsfield has always played a supporting role in these awareness evenings, but this year, our residents were in the spotlight.  The theme this year was Through the Voice of Teens… Stories of Hardship and Hope.  Seven Portage adolescents, who are nearing the end of their residential drug rehab therapy, read poetry about their experiences with drugs and their journey to recovery.  
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Portage reception in Québec City raises over $25,000 for substance abuse treatment 

On March 21, Portage hosted a reception at the Complexe Jules Dallaire in Québec City as part of its annual fundraising campaign. More than a hundred businesspeople from the Québec region gathered to enjoy the menu prepared by Montego Resto Club Chef, Jonathan Jeanrie. The event, sponsored by the Cominar Real Estate Investment Trust, raised more than $25,000 for Portage’s substance abuse rehabilitation centres in the region. Portage would like to thank everyone who helped to make the event a success.


Grand opening of the new construction at Portage Saint-Malachie
The construction and renovation of the Portage rehabilitation centre for youth in Saint-Malachie has been completed, after having undergone a major building project to better respond to the needs of its adolescent residents from Eastern Québec.  The grand opening of the new building will take place on May 28. During the ceremony, which will be attended by Dominque Vien, Minister for Social Services, Portage will highlight the commitment of its loyal and generous donors.

Portage Golf Tournaments
The 15th annual Montréal Portage Golf Open will be held on June 11 at Club Laval-sur-le-Lac, under the honourary presidency of Denis Desbiens, Vice-President, Québec, IBM Canada, Ltd., and the presidency of Normand Desautels, Senior Vice-President and General Manager, Personal Services, Desjardins Group. The 18th annual Québec City Portage Golf Open will be held on June 4, under the presidency of Richard Fortier, Acting Chair, Desjardins Financial Security.

MICA Centre Open House
On May 10, the Portage centre for Mentally Ill Chemical Abusers (MICA) will be hosting its fifth annual open house for partners and representatives from hospitals and centres serving this clientele. If you would like to attend, please contact Tony Dias at tdias@portage.ca.

Portage participates in the Comité Québécois pour les Jeunes en Difficulté de Comportement Congress
On May 3, Serge Comeau, director of Portage Saint-Malachie will be making a presentation at the Comité Québécois pour les Jeunes en Difficulté de Comportement Congress, entitled “Prévenir et lutter contre la toxicomanie : pas à pas…avec Portage!”, which will explain Portage’s therapeutic approach.



Portage mere-enfant

«After my son was born, I went into a deep depression. I was mixing alcohol and medicine. I was sick all the time. I had no ambition. I thought it was normal; all my friends drank. I know now that I don’t have to live like that. Before, I would just decide to move, or get a new job or a new boyfriend, but it would never solve my problems. If you don’t change yourself on the inside, your problems will follow you wherever you go. Now, I wake up happy, I’m no longer a slave. I have good friends.  My son is with me, safe and smiling. I’m a good role model for him. Life seems easier now… I don’t know why I used to put myself through hell.” – Lisa, resident of the Mother and Child Program
Photo: Alain Roberge, La Presse

Portage helps residents deal with bullying

February is Anti-Bullying Month, but bullying is a problem that affects countless people year-round. Many Portage residents seeking rehabilitation treatment have either been a victim of bullying or have been a bully themselves, events that have, in some instances, ignited or fuelled their drug addiction problems. For this reason, Portage centres provide programming that deals with the issue of bullying, a significant hurdle for some residents to overcome on their journey towards sobriety.
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New awareness-building event for young professionals

On March 7, the Portage Foundation hosted a benefit reception entitled Réseautage et Philanthropie at the Fabergé restaurant in Montréal’s Mile End. Young professionals came to learn more about Portage and to speak with established business people who are involved with the organisation.  Many thanks go out to the sponsors and participants who made this event possible.

New ECO-Portage team sets its sights on greening Portage

Portage is currently in the process of establishing a new ECO-Portage team, whose mission will be to come up with strategies to help Portage’s rehabilitation centres become more environmentally-friendly. From recycling to waste reduction and water conservation, this committee – composed of staff members and members of the Residents’ Committee – will help Portage establish an organisation-wide sustainable development policy.
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Table du Chef 2012

The twelfth annual Table du Chef, in partnership with Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, was held on April 11 in the kitchens of the Château Frontenac.  The intimate group of guests, made up of business people from the Québec City region, were guided through the process of preparing a delicious gourmet dinner menu, which was designed by executive chef Jean Soulard.

Fête des Neiges at Portage Prévost

Portage Prevost - Fete des neiges2Portage Prévost residents and staff members enjoyed a winter festival during Spring Break, during which they were joined by community members from other Portage centres in the Montréal region for a day of outdoor activities.  Sleigh rides, snowshoeing, ice fishing, a talent show, a bonfire and sing-along, a treasure hunt, and an ice carving competition were on the agenda, topped off by an excellent sugar shack-style lunch.
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Portage celebrates les Journées de la persévérance scolaire

The Journées de la persévérance scolaire event, which took place in Québec from February 13 to 19, celebrates youth perseverance in school and raises awareness about student retention. Throughout the week, as it does all year long, Portage celebrated the success of its residents at Portage Academy, the on-site school programming provided at all Portage substance abuse rehabilitation centres for youth.
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Portage Canada
Portage celebrates its 39th birthday!

Portage Atlantic - Metamorphosis DayFebruary 14, 2012 marked the 39th anniversary since the first Portage centre in Prévost opened its doors to its first group of drug addicts who were looking to take back control of their lives. Every year on Metamorphosis Day, Portage centres across the country celebrate the tens of thousands of lives that Portage has touched.
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Portage Canada
The Continuing Care Program at Portage

Portage’s therapeutic community has evolved over the years, from its original approach based on the Daytop model and adapted to the reality of the regions where Portage provides services, to a modern-day approach that has been enriched to continuously incorporate best practices in addiction treatment.  As Portage’s model has evolved, so has its success indicators. In 2009, Portage established the Continuing Care Program to encourage the success of its participants.  Whereas in the past, a client who left Portage without completing all five phases of rehabilitation treatment was considered to have failed the program, with the Continuing Care Program, Portage can now continue to support these people and encourage them to persist on their path to sobriety.
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About Portage

Portage is a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping people who are suffering from substance abuse-related problems to overcome their dependencies and to live healthy, happy and productive lives. Portage is a vital and progressive force in the drug addiction treatment field in North America, with service centres in Québec, New Brunswick, Ontario, and British Columbia. Through drug addiction treatment best practices and the therapeutic community approach, Portage helps residents develop their self-esteem, confidence, and the competencies necessary to overcome addiction. Portage has been operating drug rehabilitation centres in Canada for over 39 years.

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Celebrating Black History Month at Portage Beaconsfield
Throughout the month of February, Portage Beaconsfield residents and staff members participated in several activities to mark Black History Month.
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Portage Beaconsfield - Black History Month

Portage-Québec making the most of winter to stay in shape
On February 9, participants and staff members of Portage-Québec’s substance abuse rehabilitation and employment reintegration programs went on a snowshoeing trek on the trails of Lac Beauport. The two key words of the day were “perseverance” and “fun”. The sun and mild temperatures made it a beautiful and memorable day for all participants.

Audiences enthralled by a play put on the youth in Portage’s Aftercare Program
On April 6 and 7, seven youth who are currently in Portage Prévost’s Aftercare Program gave two performances of their interpretation of “Willy Protagoras enfermé dans les toilettes”, an award-winning play by Lebanese-Québécois writer Wajdi Mouawad. The play tells a story of adolescent rebellion, and deals with problems that are often encountered and overcome by the young people in treatment at Portage.
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Making the most of winter at the Mother and Child centre
The January leisure activity programming at Portage’s Mother and Child centre gave the residents the opportunity to make the most of winter in Montréal with their children. Participants had a great time on outings to museums, festivals, sports activities, and many other organised activities.
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Portage mere-enfant - hiver



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