Portage Ontario - spring 2013
Portage Ontario - Hit the Bricks

Adventure, teamwork, and camaraderie at Portage Ontario’s inaugural Hit the Bricks

Portage Ontario Hit the BricksOver three hundred participants – executives and youth teams alike – came out to support Portage Ontario and Outward Bound Canada at a fun-filled day of teamwork and challenges on Sunday, April 28, 2013, at the first-ever Hit the Bricks Adventure Race and Festival.
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Portage celebrates its 40th anniversary!

Portage 40 logoA fortieth anniversary is a momentous occasion for any organisation, but forty years of helping people overcome substance abuse to once again become productive members of society is a real cause for celebration. On February 14, 2013, Portage centres across Canada were proud to celebrate this contribution to society with current residents, graduates, and friends of Portage from over the years.
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For those who have never experienced or witnessed the transformation that occurs while in addiction rehabilitation therapy, it may be difficult to wrap your head around what treatment at Portage is all about. This video seeks to give a general overview.

Portage video
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Mark your calendars!

Cornerstone 52 Foundation Golf Tournament
Monday, June 24, 2013

Addiction Recovery Awareness Month
September 2013


Outward Bound activities – Springtime 2013

Spring break 2013 at Portage Elora

Portage Ontario testimonial

“I never thought I would be ready to leave this program. I spent so much time when I first got here fighting the help and screaming at the top of my lungs about how much I hate this place. It’s funny how you can become attached to a place that you would thought never help you. I have become the person I’ve always wanted to be. Portage has helped me accept my father’s death, overcome my anger, and be able to tell my mom how I actually feel. I was able to achieve my Phase Three five months into my program when I had been working on it since my second month. I figured out how capable I actually am.”
– Katt, Portage Elora graduate

Time to tee up for Portage

Cornerstone 52 Foundation Golf Tournament - ThornhillOnce again this year, proceeds from the Cornerstone 52 Foundation golf tournament will go to the Portage Ontario Youth Treatment Fund, which provides access to substance abuse rehabilitation treatment to youth who would otherwise be unable to get the help they need.
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Portage Ontario gets social!

Portage Ontario FacebookThe brand-new Portage Ontario Facebook page features inspiring stories from graduates, and the discussion around Portage Ontario’s #hitthebricks event on Twitter has started a buzz. For the latest on addiction issues, rehabilitation treatment, and recovery testimonials, please like our Portage Ontario page on Facebook, follow @PortageOntario on Twitter, and join in on the discussion.

About Portage

Portage is a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping people who are suffering from substance abuse-related problems to overcome their dependencies and to live healthy, happy and productive lives. Portage is a vital and progressive force in the drug addiction treatment field in North America, with service centres in Québec, New Brunswick, Ontario, and British Columbia. Through drug addiction treatment best practices and the therapeutic community approach, Portage helps residents develop their self-esteem, confidence, and the competencies necessary to overcome addiction. Portage has been operating drug rehabilitation centres in Canada for over 40 years.  Portage Ontario was established in 1985.

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Employee Recognition and New Staff Appointments Spring 2013


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